hiwatt 15:39 19 Apr 2007

Hi,I noticed my computer was really slow and sounded as if I was scanning or downloading but I wasn't doing anything so I looked in task manager to see what was going on,and there was something called help svc running with 100%cpu.I never started this running.Could somebody please tell me if this should be happening,it's the 2nd time I've noticed it.Cheers.

  birdface 16:40 19 Apr 2007

It wasnt svchost.exe was it.Try turning Microsoft,automatic updates off.See If that helps there seems to be problems with it at the moment.

  skidzy 16:43 19 Apr 2007

This is possibly Spyware or a Trojan.

Update your Antivirus and Antispyware programs and run them.Preferably in safemode.

click here

If you do not have any Antivirus and Antispyware,take a look click here

If in any doubt,please post back.

  birdface 16:45 19 Apr 2007

Blinking thing trying to shut down again,After you switch automatic updates off try to download them manually ,if nothing there ,Just go back to wherever you want and see if it runs any better,

  skidzy 16:48 19 Apr 2007

svchost.exe is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating System which handles processes executed from DLLs. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

But can be disguised as a Trojan/Virus.

DO NOT DISABLE svchost.exe

  birdface 16:51 19 Apr 2007

Hi,I may have this wrong but as far as I know its microsoft scanning for downloads ,A few folk complaining about it ,At least I think it may be that, If i find one of the other threads I will post it here,

  hiwatt 16:52 19 Apr 2007

Thanks folks.I've updated my anti virus ran it in safe mode it found nothing.My computer is up to date and automatic updates are set to "notify me but don't install"This help svc thing is no longer in task manager,it seems to appear does whatever it does then disappear?

  birdface 16:58 19 Apr 2007

click here Not quite your problem,But mutch the same,Microsoft searching for up-dates,I would still dissable Automatic updates,And do it manually.Just to see if it improves.

  skidzy 17:02 19 Apr 2007

Its not really your Antivirus you need to run to find the possible problem.

If im correct,this is what your looking for
Process File: svc.exe or svc
Process Name: Spyware.W32.ClientMan

Download Spybot Search And Destroy click here
Update and run
Download AVGAS click here
Update and run
Download asquared click here
And run

  hiwatt 17:23 19 Apr 2007

Thanks Skidzy,I've ran spybot etc.It's not svc.exe it's helpsvc.exe that's causing the problem.

  skidzy 17:46 19 Apr 2007

click here

My apologies on this,it the Microsoft Help Center Service – Windows XP

I was going along with the svc,it is updating its help and support section within xp.

This can be disabled,but means the support and help will not be updated.

You could try and stop this via services or the here

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