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  dez fowler 04:04 06 Jan 2003
  dez fowler 04:04 06 Jan 2003

This is just a suggestion to the PC Advisor people. It seems that this Helproom has quite a large group of people using it and in some cases people seem to be almost having a conversation through the board with items submitted only minutes apart.
Maybe some sort of chat room where people can discuss problems real time would work well although i'm not sure of the best way to implement such a system.
Server wise i suppose you'd save space on message board items but would need more processing power to run the chat.

I leave it open to discussion

  €dstow 06:31 06 Jan 2003

Don't think so - it's been done before.

Do a search on here for "The Lounge". You will soon see your answer.


  Sir Radfordin™ 08:20 06 Jan 2003

The problem with real time is that its much harder to moderate and becomes more exclusive. It tends to only be the really simple problems that have one or two replies within seconds of postings, and you often find that the original poster may not come back till the next day.

Its the same situation as I find at work, people log a call for a problem with there computer 5 mins before going home. So when I round to seeing them they aren't there and we all waste time. People may post here as they are about to go offline.

As €d points out, its been suggested before, and its unlikely to come about. Don't mess with the best!

  « Ravin » 08:37 06 Jan 2003

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