HELP..reinstalling pc for a friend

  rhayman 22:21 02 May 2003

Im was trying to sort out a pc for a friend tonight. (it was screwed up, scandisc would NOT work) anyway everytime i connected to aol (why do people use sucks) it would disconnect me after about 5 minuite so i lost my rag and decided to do a celan install.
i tried upgrading to winxp pro first but it wanted the win98 serial and the friend had lost it. so i formated the c: throgh command promt.

so i went into the bios to change the first boot device to d: and there was no option to change the boot device, i went into every category and could not fins it (it was a strange bios).

o it kept trying to boot of a: and i didnt have a boot disc.

So heres my question

If i downloaded a win98 boot disc and used that to run the WINXP pro disc would it work?

if so where could i download a win98 boot disc, or better yet a winxp boot disc, i cant seem to find one of these. (im using winxp on my pc if that helps.

  PSF 22:27 02 May 2003

click here Scroll down the page and there is a link for XPSP1 boot disc.

Or try: click here

  Legolas 22:29 02 May 2003

You can get XP boot disks here I think you need 5 floppies click here

  Legolas 22:33 02 May 2003

Sorry you need six floppies to make the XP boot disk

  rhayman 22:37 02 May 2003

cool thanks.

  professor 22:42 02 May 2003

just keep with win98 as XP needs a minimum of 1.5GB HD space 64MB RAM and a 300MHz CPU so you know for it to run smooth you will need at least a 600-800MHz CPU preferably 256MB RAM and a good performing HD(2mb cach 7200rpm)

and as you mention win98 im guessing at best this friends pc is going to be 550Mhz AMD K6\2 128MB PC133 RAM and a 5400rpm HD with around a 256kb cach
so like i said stick with win98 preferably SE if you can get a hold of a win98se disc that is


  woodchip 22:48 02 May 2003
  bobbyc 22:52 02 May 2003

win 98 boot disc will load drivers . but wont let you install xp if the xp disc you have is only a upgrade / you have to install 98 then xp

  rhayman 22:53 02 May 2003

i only have the winxp pro disc. and the pc is 350mhz 6GB and 64MB.
i used to have a 566 celeron with 128mb and that ran winxxp pro very well. it was much more stable than win98

  PSF 23:02 02 May 2003

XP is very stable but if you are going to run it on a 350mhz 6GB with 64MB you are on the bottom limit.

XP Runs better with 128 mb ram 256 preferred as minimum. The processor is also a bit slow for XP.

With the age of the pc you will have to run the compatibility test first to see if the hardware will work with XP.

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