Help.......missing system file!

  kfq61 09:44 08 Feb 2004

Hi Hope some-one out there can help me.
My laptop was on my ex jobs network. Sophos was installed on it. I do not have access or cd to re-install the file.When I left I deleted this file off my laptop (unfortuantely out of recycle bin too).
Since then I get error message on start up stating:

Cannot find device file needed to run windows application. The windows registery or sytem ini file refers to this device but it no longer exists. If you still want to use this application associated with this device try re-installing that application to replace missing file.
Press any key to continue.
When you do this the same meaasge appears but at the bottom
it says- Bi-di-386 press a key to continue. Windows then starts up.

Have tried looking at startup via msconfig but no joy!


Any ideas? Thanks

  keith-236785 10:40 08 Feb 2004

what you need to do is to edit the system.ini file and delete the entry which is referred to in the error message.

you dont say which version of windows you are using.

assuming you are using win98, on start up goto boot menu (hold F8) when you get the menu, try using safe mode to get windows to load, if not then reboot and enter boot menu again, select start to msdos or command prompt(or something similar) but not the one that says press shift+F5.

[step one]
once in dos, type edit, once the edit screen appears you will need to navigate using the TAB key and the CURSOR keys (no mouse in dos), you need to goto c:
there in the left pane you should see system.ini, highlight the system.ini and press enter, once in look for the file from the error message, highlight it and press delete. save and exit, then reboot your system.

that should be it mate,

if you are running winXP, you will need a win98 boot disk, put the floppy disk in and restart your computer. choose start my computer without cd rom support. Then follow step one again.

if that doesnt sort it, come back again

good luck

  keith-236785 10:45 08 Feb 2004

if you dont have a win98 boot disk, click here and download one and put it on a floppy disk (you might have to unzip it first).

it might be best to use the boot disk for whichever windows you have (it wont work if you are still on win95 though, if you are then download the win95 bootdisk instead).

  kfq61 15:20 08 Feb 2004

Hi thanks for your reply!

I'm running windows 98

Unfortunately, my sony vaio does not come with a floppy disk drive! I have bought one and can use it but it becomes a F: Drive. Won't boot up from here.
Here's what I've done upto now
Gone to DOS prompt mode, typed in edit - blue screen appears with File - edit -search - view -option help. Mouse still works though, am I in right place? There is no left pane, just plain blue screen cursor flashing I typed C: . Decided to go to File -open and found system ini. located various files but can't see the sophos one i think, I am meant to delete. There is one called Bi Di 386 which is at the bottom of my error message. Don't want to delete this in case it's wrong one. What should I do?
Thanks so much!

  anchor 15:43 08 Feb 2004

1. Look in system.ini and see if there is any reference to Sophos; remove it. Then run regedit, and search for references to Sophos. Remove all of those too; (don't forget to do a registry backup first).

2. Try calling Sophos support:

01235 559933

3. Alternatively, try a download and install of a trial version of Sophos

click here

You could then remove it via the add/remove programmes in control panel if you decide not to keep it.

4. You could create a Win98 boot-up CD; I did this once.

  kfq61 18:57 08 Feb 2004

Hadn't realised sophos would give a home use demo!

This has done the trick...all now working perfectly!

Wonderful forum. Thank you so much!

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