Help:Looking For Network Tracking&CacheingProgram

  TheRaster 14:34 03 Sep 2008

Hay all,

I am a student at york university. I am working on a small project but I can not dissclose much due to the other team being on this site too.

What I am looking for is much like a cache that your web browser use's.

EG.. You look at page it stors files,images and so on for faster page loading.

I am looking for a program that will do the same but on a proxy.
So say I was to have computer (A) on the network and then put another computer (B) on the network but set (B) computer to connect to (A) computer as a proxy to connect to the net.

Then computer (A) would be the proxy and would cache all the files that computer (B) would be getting.

So realy I am asking if windows has something like this or if ther is a program like this I can get.

I do hope this was not to much of a head ake and that someone can point me to the right place.

Thanks for your time.


  skidzy 15:47 03 Sep 2008

TheRaster,Google is your friend...a little research using your thread title (adapted)...and the answers are there.

  TheRaster 15:54 03 Sep 2008

Skidzy Do you not think we have not been spending hours and hours on google? Yes we have. If we had have found what we needed we would not have come here for help.

Allso take not that google is a bot that cache's info from websites and ther for you must know what it is your looking for to find it. We dont know if ther is a program that will do this. I have been working with computers now for over 25 years and I would not say I am a noob.

Since you think you can find what I am looking for on google why dont you give it a go? because I have 19 other ppl thrying to find what we need.

So plz dont post up if you dont have a clue. We are all working hard to find what we need and thats why we are here. Asking for help not asking to be put to google.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 03 Sep 2008
  TheRaster 16:13 03 Sep 2008

Ok thanks Gandalf but we need it cashing too. This program dont cash like we would like.

Ok let me put it to you like this.

If you use HTTrack website copier you can cashe a site on to your PC.

What we want to do is cache a site useing computer (A) as the proxy (NOTE: This is set up now) And computer (A) to cashe all the site that computer (B) is looking at.

Because the data computer (B) is getting has to go past computer (A) ther must be a way of keeping that data on (A) for someone to look at.

  skidzy 16:14 03 Sep 2008

Thats just the sort of reply that will get you nowhere...if i can adapt your thread title and find something in minutes...Though maybe not exactly what your looking for....why should i bother.

To me you have come across as a school leaver,asking for help with there homework...maybe explaining better would have been a better start.


I see GANDALF <|:-)> has posted for you, i wonder how long he took to find that page ?

Though probably not what your looking for either !

The End !

  TheRaster 16:19 03 Sep 2008

It would have taken some time for us to find because we are not looking to set up a proxy we are looking to cash all data that computers connected to the proxy are getting.

"explaining better would have been a better start"

Well as you can see in the 1st post I did put it the best I could and did say sorry if it was a head ake.

You seem to me to have you head up your a$$. Maybe you need to take the time to read befor you go and slap the USE GOOGLE post on.

As befor we come for help from users here that wish to help if your not going to help plz dont post.

  skidzy 17:16 03 Sep 2008

Ok,we will not get anywhere by ranting at each other.

One package that comes to mind is the Squid proxy server.Now im unsure if this meets your requirements though.

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