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  gustar 11:54 17 Dec 2006

Hi - have jsut looked at yr helpline forum, registered with yr magazine yesterday and received confirmation back but when i tried to email thru' helpline 'it' said incorrect email given which is not the case so i'm trying this way - thnks

Question Hi - i just looked at yr magazine - what a good product - thnnks and i have 2 questions (one re sony camera dsc w1/12 re movie upsacape but u may not be able to help )

I have made lots ov dvd's for family including family history - taking mounted dig camera and going thru' heaps of photo albums,selecting, researching dates, annotations etc then taking shots and then importing mem card into pc and creating my media - hard work because of the problems (pls see below)

I now have tried out looked at yr site fr dvd and slideshow creator software - the
sony vegas movie studio 6 looks good - or can u suggest something else - I've tried roxio (which i had been looking at in my research but reviews say it's too slow and, my goodness, isn't it ! - i have windows xp but movie maker wont drag and drop properly and then one has to burn - nero (which I have) is good and will merge vid bits but then one cannot open it even if i save in my videos to use and make 'better' in pictureshow 4 (which can import from anywhere (whereas i can't see facility to import from hard drive saved, already made vid's and or stills or movies, using the try out roxio (IF i import a vid from hard drive which IS possible i find that i can then import stills from hard drive but not other way round!) etc etc - anyway -

Oh I also since day one and checks, test harddrives - all ok - cannot use a microphone to narrate / record directly in - says it hasn't heard it - i have steroe desk speakers, all correct config apparently, and nothing EXCEPT a tiny virtually negligible recorded voice (say of me in trial) coming from speakers and Reaktec audio which does have the correct checks in manager and no, the mute is not on! - i also using dvd expressDX2 CAN import analogue old camcorder over - no problem BUT cannot get the sound (just view) when i try to transfer vhs tape using same application but correct 'lead in; obviously - bizarre ! (I checked yr reply to a customer's q and yes i do have it to DMA) - i did a vhs tape (using another piece of equipment and that would play the sound in windows media but not in anything else - my sound cars appear to be correct/alright)

I tried pinnacle -not good - i like the idea of adobe as featured but...

(Two separate pc 'doctors' have looked, both confirm no problem with hardware but no suggestions (except the first did what another customer did (or similar) re user name - most annoying but i take yr point about basically 'life's too short')

I need ALL the following in one application (I have dvdexpress 2 and ulead picture show 4 and videostudio 9 and the first (the oldest, as often happens!) is the best but does not have all i need)
(pref try out first !) :
(i) preferably not timeline application (I prefer like Pictureshow 4 (ulead) and the adobe u feature looks good but i haven't tried it out yet
(ii) merging etc video
(iii) typing in individual slides imported from camera photos
(iv) adding background music/narration to imported movies
(v) importing videos from vhs tapes,anaologue and or dig camcorders
(vi) importing from vinyl records and or audio cassettes
(vii) ensuring that i don't get during creating the immortally irritating words like 'sorry..must close' (this even happened when i was trying out 'yr' roxio 'freebie' and then one loses
everything unless u save so often that it cannot be doing the hard disk
much good (windows xp - pretty powerful ram. 1 gb etc) and I of course ! want
a best value price whilst appreciating u (but not always) 'get what u pay for' - most annoying) -
i have looked and looked on many sites then bought yr magazine in mild desperation and hope that u can help / advise -
once finding the 'solution' and bearing in mind i have little money and live in uk i want to pref buy by deb card in uk on telephone and receive before xmas - not much to ask then ! thnks so much in anticipation

  eedcam 12:15 17 Dec 2006

Magix moviemaker should suit you I think either 10 or the latest 11.the Plus versions are probably the best and you can download a free trial.

  gustar 16:05 04 Jan 2007

thanks to eedcam - not quite what i think i need but interesting

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