Help......Building my first website

  JAC13 22:29 18 Nov 2007

Hi everybody, In sheer desperation I found your site and registered hoping somebody could help me.
I am using Serif Webplus 9 software to build my boyfriend a simple website to show off his photography. The serif software itself is not the problem. I have created the various 'albums' in photoshop elements and using an online web gallery creator(web gallery wizard which ive just sussed is not vista compatible). Both of these save the files to folders on my pc. What I want to do is create a link from my web page to either of the galleries saved onto my pc. But within the folder for each gallery there are more files and more files within those. Which file do I need to create the link?
What I would really like to do is have the actual web gallery on my web page or am I running before i can walk here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  Forum Editor 23:55 18 Nov 2007

to a folder on your hard drive, you must upload the files to the server on which your site is posted.

Web gallery Wizard will do all this for you, it's an excellent program, but you must have the Pro version. That has its own FTP program built in, and when you've created your galleries and saved them you simply click the button marked 'Upload web gallery to webhost(FTP). Web Gallery Wizard will do the rest, placing all the files in the correct place.

  JAC13 08:49 19 Nov 2007

Thanks forum editor. Im having a few problems with the web wizard software at the moment too, it all seems one problem after the other at the moment. It goes through the motions and at the end when its generated the album it tells me to view the album on my web browser, but the album wont open for me to view it. Would this have something to do with settings on my pc? Ive tried opening in I.E and firefox but it wont work.
Ok, next question..where do I find a webhost? Ive looked at ftp programs but they all want a servernmae, passsowrd etc but Im clueless what this means. I know I may be coming across as uneducated but I REALLY want to crack this!
Thanks again

  JAC13 10:58 19 Nov 2007

Ive sorted the view problem with the web wizard, its now working in my browser.
How do I make the web gallery appear as one of my pages in my site?

  CodeMeister 11:34 19 Nov 2007

Hi JAC13,

Your hosting company will supply you with the FTP username and password when you purchase your hosting account.

If you haven't already got a hosting account sorted out then have a look at Heart Internet (click here for their website) or Orchard Hosting (click here for their website) as the're both quite good.

Maybe the company with whom you registered a domain name will also offer hosting accounts.

  JAC13 12:49 19 Nov 2007

Thanks CodeMeister that makes abit more sense to me.
My domain name is registered with 123-reg, who'm for various reasons I dont want to stay with. Their 45 min telephone waiting times for one! I take it I need to move my domain name to another hosting account (once I have one)? How do I go about that?

  CodeMeister 14:42 19 Nov 2007

Hi JAC13,

For simplicity, it may be better to have your domain name and hosting with the same company, but it's not essential. If you have your domain name and hosting with separate companies then you will need to change the DNS details so that the Name Servers "point" to the Name Servers relating to your hosting company.

To actually move your domain name, you will need to change the IPSTag to that supplied by the new hosting company.

  JAC13 15:30 19 Nov 2007

I have taken out a domain name and hosting account with heart. I cant transfer my existing domain for 60 days so have just bought another one until that one is available. Im having a look around now, but it all seems so complicated!!!
Ive managed to get my gallery file into my ftp so theres a step, although i cant view it in there. Im sure I'll get there in the end.

  Forum Editor 18:58 19 Nov 2007

your Heart Internet control panel, take a look through their excellent support database - pretty well every question you're likely to ask is covered there.

If you're still stuck after doing that, post your query here. I'm a Heart reseller, and have dealt with them for several years; as a result I probably know their particular system inside out and backwards, I'll do what I can to help.

The main thing do once your new domain name is active, is to upload an index file. This the file that will be the homepage for your site, and on it you can place hyperlinks to test your picture galleries. You have to start somewhere, and a quick way between A and B might be to use one of the ready-made site templates that you've probably been given as part of your hosting package. ou can get one of these up and running very easily, and all online - you won't need any special software, or need to upload any site files - they'll already be there.

Whatever you decide, we'll help as much as we can - just ask, here in this thread.

  JAC13 10:33 20 Nov 2007

Ok, Im completely lost! Is there anywhere I can find a step by step guide on how to use ftp? Ive managed to upload my galleries to it but for some reason they are coming up as 'errors on page' ie red crosses where pics should be and nothing like the original! What do I do with them once there? Im completely at a loss on how to use this!
someone help!

  CodeMeister 12:18 20 Nov 2007

Hi JAC13,

Most FTP applications work in the same way, you set up the account by entering the details supplied by your hosting company and then you simply drag your files from one pane to another in order to upload them to your web space.

If you could let us know which FTP program you are using, it would help us to help you.

I tend to favout FileZilla, because it is both free and very simple to use.

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