Help+Advice required PC EZ Grabber + Honestech

  Crazydaizy 14:15 30 Mar 2011

Hia, I purchased "EZ Grabber" to change my Videos to DVDs. When I installed it, another icon appeared on the desktop "Honestech VHS to DVD" which I have been trying desparately to understand.

I am a technophobe and everything I do is self taught, but this has totally flummoxed me!!! Please help!!!

I am able to tranfer my videos onto the PC using both the EZ Grabber or the Honestech. However, it appears that the Honestech is able to add graphics, transitions etc, then "burn" to a DVD.

I really cannot fathom out how the editing works. Despite trying to read the instructions. So I decided to forget editing, and just burn to DVD.

Which brings me onto a new set of problems.... I have DVD-R. I never realised you could buy DVD+R and DVD-RW and DVD-RW??? How do I know which one to use?

Really would like some help here as I am wasting an awful lot of time trying to work it out!

  howard64 14:52 30 Mar 2011

most modern burners use any dvd but enter your dvd writers model number into google and it will tell you if it can only handle certain types.

  Crazydaizy 15:10 30 Mar 2011

Where will I find the DVD writers model number?

  Crazydaizy 17:22 30 Mar 2011

Where can I find someone to sit down with me and explain what to do????

  tullie 18:05 30 Mar 2011

CD-R is your best bet.

  howard64 18:44 30 Mar 2011

if the pc was bought you should have a manual with the parts listed. If you right click on computer then properties then hardware then device manager you should be able to see what you have under optical disks. Download siw [type into google] when you run the prog you will get a long list of things and you can look under hardware for optical disks. If I can help just let me know I live near Gatwick airport if you are local.

  Crazydaizy 08:38 31 Mar 2011

I have uninstalled Honestech because it suddenly appeared without warning, and I believe I will have to pay after the "free trial!"

Fraid I'm from W-ton so nowhere near Gatwick:(

  BensTechProblems 09:52 29 Apr 2011

Hey, I recently purchased the EZ Grabber from amazon and i have it all installed correctly and its connected to my computer via a normal usb port does this mean i will have to purchase a USB2 converter (something along those lines) or can anyone give me any advice. Im using it to record my Xbox360 and im using component source on my TV, so when i go onto component it continues to record the normal TV in bad quality and makes a crackling noise. So i need to follow my source and record my 360 not my TV thanks in advance.

  Crazydaizy 14:00 29 Apr 2011

When I had my EZ Grabber, I needed a SCART adaptor to go in the back of my video recorder. This meant the red, yellow and white "plugs" could be fitted. There is a separate "plug" (black) where the red, yellow + white plugs are and you can IGNORE this!!! (confusing I know!!)

So, this lead goes from VCR to USB on computer.

You mess around with the settings on the "Grabber" (click the wheel icon) and if you are UK you make sure you have "PAL_BDHIG" showing. Press PLAY on the VCR and it should play on the computer.

I am sorry, but I have no idea about Xbox or what you are trying to do.

Most of what I have done has been SELF TAUGHT as I have found these websites totally useless when it comes to offering assistance!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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