chrisgc 20:46 25 Nov 2005

Hi everyone,

Would be wonderful if someone could either post back or pm me with a run through of my network problem.

I have just purchased a Belkin 54g wireless adsl router/modem (model No. FSD7632-4) and have connected this up to my desktop pc (this replaced my BT speedtouch modem), which is running xp sp2.

The router Has been setup right with the desktop pc (i am presuming its right anyway) as I have got a connection to the internet.

I also have a laptop I wish to connect to this router. Laptop is also running xp sp2 and has wi-fi so dont need any hardware add ons etc. and laptop can also connect to internet through the wireless belkin router, well i am presuming it is connecting through belkin router but if you take look in device manager there is no router listed.

The problem I am getting is that I am trying to network my laptop to my desktop pc so i can share files and printer etc.

I dont know what settings, if any, I have to put into the laptop etc.

Have tried running network wizard etc but cant seem to recognize each other when I go to My Network Places etc.

I have also tried to see if my laptop can detect printer which is connected to desktop pc but can find that either.

Can someone place take me through the routine of makeing a network as I seem to follow wizards etc butcant get anywhere and i have spent two days now doing it.

Not sure if I need to input settings etc or buy new hardware (told I dont).

Please bear in my mind that Im new to this so plain english please.

Thank you for taking time to read my post and here's hoping someone can help!!!!!

  mgmcc 00:11 26 Nov 2005

Having got internet access working with both computers, the basic network is already functioning. It should just be a matter of setting any folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared" in their Properties, but have at least one folder in each PC shared.

If you have any firewall software installed, it needs to be configured to allow access to the networked computers by entering their IP addresses in the "trusted" area.

  Forum Editor 07:45 26 Nov 2005

please don't title it 'HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1' or anything like it - all our threads are archived, and the titles can be searched by others who might have a similar problem. They'll use keywords like 'network setup' and of course a thread with a title like yours will be useless.

Now to the problem:-

When you run the networking wizard (you'll need to do it on both machines), you must ensure that both computers belong to the same workgroup - by default you'll be offered MSHOME, but you can coose your own name if you wish. Unless these names are the same you'll have no network. The computers must have individual computer names, and you must setup folder sharing on both machines, otherwise there'll be no files accessible from one computer to the other. Pick the folders you want to share and right-click on them. Then select 'Properties' and then select the 'Sharing' tab. Now select the option to share the folder on the network, and you can also select the option to allow other users to change your files - if you want to do that.

Don't share the root of your drive - that is, don't share the whole of your 'C' drive - it's a dangerous thing to do if there's a chance that an unauthorised person might gain access to the network - sharing the root would allow such a person access to critical Windows system files.

  daisy2bell 08:31 26 Nov 2005

Check your firwall as a first port off call. I had the same problem, and it was due to the firewall not set up correctly.
Hope this helps

  Mavericke 09:52 26 Nov 2005

I think you might need to configure your What you need to do is:

(1) Hook up your wireless laptop and cable to your pc.
(2) With the cable inside your pc it will be automatically hook up onto the internet.
(3) As for your laptop which I presumed that you are running wirlessly you would need to switch on your wi-fi. Then you will need to open your browser and type in . You will then need to log in and then you will need to key in your username and password according to your BT broadband username ad password. Pleae assign a 128bit security for wireless network(Please make sure that you keep a copy of the password!). After that you will need to log out and then point your mouse to the network properties on your laptop. You will need to refresh your available networks and click on your wireless network and it will ask you for the password.Tyoe in the password and then you will be connected!

  Forum Editor 11:53 26 Nov 2005


You don't need to do any of that - the router makes the connection to the ISP automatically, each time it's switched on. Thereafter, any computer can access the broadband service, you don't need to configure anything, or logon to anything - other than selecting the wireless network connection that appears in the laptop's system tray on the first occasion. After that the laptop will automatically connect. I(f you assign a WEP key to the network then of course that key will have to be entered before you can access the router.

In any case, that's not what chrisgc was after - he can already access the internet on both machines; he wants to know how to create a network, which is a different thing.

  chrisgc 12:10 26 Nov 2005

I will try all the suggestions and get back to let you know how I'm doing.

Like I said though the pc's both connect to the internet via router so i know router is setup correctly - but its the networking of the two pc's i am having probs with as need to access my desktop pc/printer with my laptop.

But will try all suggestions.

I know it must be something really simple which will take minutes to sort but at the moment its taken me a couple of afternoons.

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