Help with Zone security suite

  Jade 14 G 13:50 04 Dec 2005

Downloaded the above as a trial thank goodness 5 days ago, its driving me crazy. A group l run have to put password in 8 times and id, couldn't get in here at all till l switched off and the biggest mess is as l teach online l often have to copy and paste from word to a email to send to a student but now can't do that plus aol hompage half is missing.
Has anyone had problems, have used zone firewall for five years and it was fine, use aol 9 windows xp if l change to another one what is your advice but not laversofts

  rawprawn 13:59 04 Dec 2005

I used to use ZA Free and decided to upgrade to ZA Suite, it was a disaster. It continually crashed my computer and even with their support I couldn't get it to work. They gave me my money back. I am now back to ZA free and AVG with no problems and that is how it will stay.I don't think that there is any need to pay.

  Jade 14 G 14:17 04 Dec 2005

Have still got avg l have had for years and am thinking about going back to zone just the free one like l have always had but its the spyware l have a problem with and don't know what to get, Adaware was awfull, so was spybot microsoft beta was ok for me and telling me l had no spyware but scanned it at zone and was told there was 53 and ten high rated, another scan told me 13 so do zone tell you a high number to sell you it which l haven't thank goodness just got the free trial so now l need a good ati spyware, any ideas.

  rawprawn 14:24 04 Dec 2005

Download (Free Version) and keep this up to date, I think it is about the best on the market, it is fairly slow but very thorough. Then just use ZA Free and AVG, although I have found nothing wrong with Adaware and Spybot.
click here

  rawprawn 14:29 04 Dec 2005

Make sure you download the free version (Not Personal)

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