Help with WZC settings

  t_searle 08:29 18 Sep 2006

Just setting up a wireless network for the parents as I have done in my own house. Im using exactly the same wireless router(belkin) but as their sesktop has no wireless, I have bought a wireless usb adaptor(belkin) The network seems to be set up ok, all security enabled and my laptop will connect fine everytime, but there seems to be a conflict with their desktop and Windows Zero Configuration(WZP). Anyone explain the best way to set this up?

Also now my laptop will not connect to my own home network, it detects it and just says aquireing network address. My desktop connects fine to the wireless so it has to be the laptop settings--doesnt it??


  dms05 11:24 18 Sep 2006

Are you running a Belkin WiFi Utility at the same time as the XP one? My experience is - you use either XP WiFi Utilty throughout or the WiFi adaptor manf Utility and not try mixing them. Even having the manf utility loaded on your HDD might cause a problem.

  t_searle 11:43 18 Sep 2006

yeh, i tried to delete the belkin software for the usb adaptor but then I couldnt get it to work at all. Im quite new to the wireless stuff(and computers) but when I set it all up at my house it was so easy!!

  ade.h 14:32 18 Sep 2006

click here and scroll down. Follow my advice there and then get back to us.

  t_searle 16:06 18 Sep 2006

That has helped heaps, it all almost makes sense not. Only one small problem left, when rebooting the computer- it does not recognise the wireless usb until you have unplugged and plugged back in again. Is there any way around this? Just trying to make it as simple as possible so I donk get loads of phone calls!!


  ade.h 16:37 18 Sep 2006

Yes, don't boot up with it plugged in. Plug it in after Windows has loaded. That should work.

  ade.h 16:39 18 Sep 2006

I should add that you should not normally have to take that approach, but if one thing doesn't work, you try the opposite angle.

  t_searle 12:54 19 Sep 2006

Would this not annoy you? There has to be a way around this. It would be like having to keep on plugging and unplugging a usb mouse, you should not have to do it. Next time I will be staying clear of Belkin I think!!!

  ade.h 13:57 19 Sep 2006

Would it annoy me? No. I'm hardly going to leave a USB device sticking out of a laptop when not in use!!

As for your Belkin comment, let's put that straight: If you want a router, Belkins are among the best - along with Linksys, 3Com and the more expensive Draytek range. If you want a USB adapter - no, I'll say need, because I wouldn't use one by choice - then you buy a Linksys or 3Com and use them sans software. You don't buy a Netgear, BT or Belkin adapter. Horses for courses, you see.

  t_searle 16:39 19 Sep 2006

I only bought belkin one for my parents because the one I have bought I had no problems with. I was trying to make it easy for them with the"Easy 5 minute setup" it advertised on the box. It didnt say anywhere about conflicting software with XP. AT the end of the day one wireless adaptor for a pc turned out to be a pain in the a~*e!!!

  ade.h 17:48 19 Sep 2006

"Easy 5 minute setup" could apply to any USB adapter - insert driver CD but don't run it; plug in device; wait for the New Hardware wizard; point the wizard to the driver on the CD; install. That's how easy they are normally, without using the software (which is only useful older operating systems).

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