Help. Would some kind soul sort out my windows XP

  jimborani 09:48 22 Mar 2005

Would some kind soul be able to go through the procedure for correcting this mistake of mine. Some history. I had a computer from Mesh (bad idea) I had no end of trouble with it and they did not accept any repsonsibility for any of the porblems I had. In the end I traded the computer in at a small computer shop for another one with all my orignal programmes pre loaded, including a copy of windows XP pro. I assumed that the programme they put on was a genuine one and not a copy etc. When the updates for windows XP pro came out, ie. the service pack 2, I tried to download form the MS site and it came up with an erro message saying the serial numbers were not compatible, I have been back to the shop and they have no suggestions and feel no responsibility for any of it. In my wisdom, I then decided to upload the windows XP ( not the pro version ) that came with my HP laptop, BIG MISTAKE!!!. I now have 2 versions of windows, but the new upgrade has not installed properly so when the computer boots up a screen showing both versions comes up and if I do not select my orignal XP pro version it goes into the new one and causes all sorts of problems. I have now bought a brand new version of windows XP and it should be delivered soon. Could anybody talk me through what to do so that I get one, corretc version that I can upgrade and p[atch as necessary. I would be eternally grateful. I would probably need someone to give me a private emails address so that I could literally email them as I am doing the installation. I have no knowlede of prograaming etc so would need a very basic, Dick and Dora version with not too much techno language

Thanks in anticipation

  MichelleC 10:07 22 Mar 2005

It may be you have 2 xp os's on your hd and if they're on same partition that isn't good. You can edit the boot.ini file to stop 1 xp from working. (post contents of boot.ini here to edit).

If you don't need data it's best to start from scratch, format and install new xp. If you need to keep your data you'll need to get a third party partition software like Partition magic to create another partition 1st.

The xp the shop gave is an oem and not a full version, hence not being able to update to sp2.

  SANTOS7 10:11 22 Mar 2005

I am quite surprised that MESH did not accept responsability for the problems with your computer they are regular visitors to this forum and i have the highest regard for there services, it would much depend on whether your problems were hardware or software related if it was hardware pending on how old the PC was you could have maybe got it repaired under the sale aggreements/warranties if it was software related any PC company can not be responsible for what you put on your pc which may cause conflict.As far as emails,NO this is an open forum so you will need to keep posting your probs to it so many people may help with your dilemma.

  leo49 10:20 22 Mar 2005
  SANTOS7 10:25 22 Mar 2005

click here
when you have your disc delivered this site will help,good luck..........

  woodchip 10:30 22 Mar 2005

The "boot.ini" is in Windows Explorer under C:\ Open it in Notepad Select all then click copy in menu, right click in this response page and click paste then click beside each line and click enter so it double spaces the lines, if you do not do that the text will be all together.

  jimborani 11:08 22 Mar 2005


you would not believe the problems I had with Mesh. I had to send the computer back to them after two weeks and they sadi it was a software fault and charged me £80.00, they keep the computer until you pay! nice one I had not loaded any additional sofware as it was all pre loaded. Anyway, thanks for the link, as a temporary measure until my new disc arrives can you tell me how to delete the half installed version of XP so that I do not have to choose an operating system at the boot stage, this would make my old XP pro system the default which it was before I started faffing about with it.


ps thanks to everybody for your help I am sure I will get there in the end. I knew I could rely on the intenet for some help, it is a pity everday life doesn't work like that!! Pity.

  woodchip 12:32 22 Mar 2005

As above you need to post the Boot.ini

  Yoda Knight 13:02 22 Mar 2005

Just boot off the new disk, choose to delete exisiting partitions, then create a new partition and continue installation as normal. You will need to reload all your other software though.

  jimborani 14:37 22 Mar 2005

OK I think I've got that but will I need to back up my document files or will they still be there when I install the new xp. I have got the discs for all my programmes so that is not a problem


  woodchip 14:45 22 Mar 2005

No just post the INI hear. AS ABOVE

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