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  R.C.M. 11:51 13 Jul 2006

How do you insert a new blank page into a document? The document has 49 pages all with a text box which fills the page I can't add a new page within the 49 pages?

Many Thanks.

  recap 11:55 13 Jul 2006

Select the page before the new page that you require, click at the end of the page, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and press Enter.

  terryf 12:37 13 Jul 2006

For the future, have you tried pressing the F1 key when in Word or any other program or even on the desk top?

  R.C.M. 14:38 13 Jul 2006

recap, that's the ticket,I can now insert and delete pages - thanks a ton for that information.

terryf, I'm far too old to follow the instructions in help - the terminology used is to complex for my old grey matter to comprehend, thanks for your response it was appreciated.

Thanks to you both.

  recap 15:24 13 Jul 2006

Another tip you may find usefull R.C.M. in a multipage document. If you have data across a couple of pages that you want to delete or edit it, and find that the screen goes past what you want when you use scroll. Click at the beginning of the text scroll to the end, hold the shift key down then click again, and all that text will be highlighted for deletion, or editing.

  terryf 17:24 13 Jul 2006

How old is far to old, I am 73 and I teach 83 year olds :-)

  R.C.M. 18:50 13 Jul 2006

I hang my head in shame, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm younger than you - am no telling ye how old I am.

I've been used to working with Serif Page Plus, and can use this program without any of the problems I'm having with Microsoft Word. I feel Serif is an easy program to understand.

However I'm now required to use Word as the computers at my employment are using this system.

I phoned Serif and asked the support team if I could design/write my report in Serif - copy and paste into Word, so that my emplyers computers could read and ammend on their system. They informed me Serif and Word are not compatible. I have to learn how to use Word - what a bummer.

Thanks for your help terryf.

  terryf 22:09 14 Jul 2006
  R.C.M. 23:13 14 Jul 2006

Nice one terryf - I have put the tutorial into my favourites. I had a quick skim through and I'm sure this will be a very valuable tool to help me get to grips with Word.

So far I'm still convinced Serif is the better program but with the help of your link I'm sure I will learn and develop my skills.

I really don't have an option - like evolution, I need to change or become extinct. If the tables are to be used on the office computers [Word] then Serif is no longer of use.

Many thanks for your help - this link will be used.

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