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  danny0001uk 11:12 27 Jan 2004


I wanna 2 be able to have these dots .............. in word but i dont want to use full stops for them because it leaves a space after 3 dots i just want dots that are easy to use as a guide when handwriting. anyone got any ideas on how to do it ?

many thanks


  spanneress 11:23 27 Jan 2004

Hi there

You can either add in a few dots, select them, then go to Format, Paragraph in the menu and select a different line style...or you can add a box in the space and make all the lines of the box invisible other than the bottom one or you can insert a line...go to view, toolbars, add the drawing one so that you can see what you are doing and add a line from there...warning here though...if you are inserting a line / object into a word doc, it may well jump position unless you lock it in place.

I will have a look and see if there are more ways for you too...


  Gongoozler 11:26 27 Jan 2004

Full stops should be ok. Have a look in your Tools - Options - Spelling and Grammar to see if you have set it to correct your full stops.

  skeletal 11:30 27 Jan 2004

What version of Word are you using? I just read your note with disbelief and went into Word, pressed the full stop key, and generated a long string of dots with no problems whatsoever!

I use Word 2000; perhaps XP (or whatever you use) has some stupid "feature" that stops you doing this?? If so, can you find the feature and turn it off?

Puzzled Skeletal

  Taff36 11:34 27 Jan 2004

Insert a table. (Table>Insert) with one column and say 20 rows. Select the entire table and then FORMAT>BORDERS & SHADING. Select a line style and the smallest size and then click on the diagramatic to apply it to the bottom of each box. Deselect vertical lines in other words.

Next you need to resize the row height TABLE>TABLE PROPERTIES Row tab. Experiment until you get it right for your handwriting size. To add extra rows click in the last box in the table and press the TAB key to produce another row.

If you get into trouble e-mail me and I`ll send you a sample to get you started.

  wildrover 11:35 27 Jan 2004

In word xp (on my small crt screen) it looks as though there is a row of 3 dots, space, 3 dots, space, etc. but they print out as a long line.

  scotty 11:41 27 Jan 2004

As wildrover says, the problem is due to your screen resolution. There are no real gaps. Zoom in to 150% to see the spaces disappear.

  AndyJ 12:51 27 Jan 2004

I think you'll find the problem is in Tools / Autocorrect Options. Under the Autocorrect tab if you scroll down the list you'll probably see an item that has the three dots - delete it and then you can type in continuous strings of dots.

I've tried it and it does work....errr...or rather doesn't work - if you see what I mean.

  Taff36 16:07 29 Jan 2004

Did you get this one resolved Danny ? If so let us know !!!

  Tog 16:16 29 Jan 2004

Where you want the dots, select underline, enter one space then press tab. Highlight the line, go into font and select dotted underline. Now whenever someone types over the top of the dots a line extends under the text.

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