Help with Wirless Adaptor

  metoyou123 18:29 11 Mar 2008


Im really stuck wonder if any one would be kind enough to help , i have just installed a Sweex LW053 WiFi LAN USB 2.0 Adapter, i also have a belkin wirless G Router , ai am trying to connect my pc with the newley installed Sweex adaptor to my belkin router( as the pc wont work wired with the router plugged in) but it wont show the belkin wirless network it shows no network connections at all im very confused i intalled all the drives and im at a loss has any one got any ideas

thanks so much

  ambra4 21:00 11 Mar 2008


First lets get the wired connection working and you can work on the wireless later

Take a read on how to set up the LAN card and network on the desktop

click here

Router Setup

Power On The Router And Wait 1-2 Min’s until it synch with your broadband ISP

Start your browser and enter the router access code, check the manual for the correct code

Once you have access the router click on the quick set up / Setup wizard button on the

left hand side and enter the following information when requested

Connection Type = PPPoA

VPI/VCI = 0/38

Encapsulation = VCMUX.

User Name & Password that you presently use to access your ISP service

No need to worry about the Wireless system just yet in fact disable it for now

Save information in router; close browser reboot the router power it off wait 30

seconds and power it back on

You should now able to access the Internet

It is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected cable to the Router via a Ethernet RJ45 cable for router setup.

Using a wireless connected computer for setup is Not recommended to access router setup at any time

  metoyou123 22:02 11 Mar 2008

Hi Ambra

Thanks for your help before i try the above i just wanted to say that it is connected wirless but for some reason when i use my pc i cannot view the internet i could once then it stopped working all the settings are fine as i can connect a wirless laptop. how do i check i have the above settings i know i am connected PPOE thats a definate but the rest i dont understand. I am using Now Broadband as m ISP so i am connected to my modem via ethernet cable from the modem to the router

  ambra4 23:42 11 Mar 2008

Not quite sure what you are saying?

You are connected via the Ethernet cable and the lan card and can access the Internet correct

The wireless is working as you can connect to the wireless router and access the Internet

via a laptop but cannot connect or access the internet via the usb adapter connected to the


Is that what you saying

Are you connected via a cable modem or an ASDL modem via the phone line?

  metoyou123 13:47 12 Mar 2008


not not quite . I have a Wirless modem that is just connected to my pc via ethernet cable. at the moment i have a belkin router and my modem is throught that it is all set up and i connect wirless from a laptop but i cannot access the net when i use my pc is is wired up through the modem. all the settings are ok as i can connect wirless . i was trying to install a wirless usb adaptor on my pc so i can connect to the wirless network that i have since i canot access the internet unless i unplug my router and connect direct to the net

does this make sense? my broadband provider is now broadband

click here

hope this helps

  ambra4 15:37 12 Mar 2008

Ok you have a Wireless broadband modem, which you connect directly to your computer and allow you access to the Internet

From the wireless modem you have connected an Ethernet cable to the wan port on the

Belkin Wireless Router and a second Ethernet cable from one of the Lan port to the computer Lan card and you cannot access the Internet

Using a laptop you can access the wireless system on the router but not with the USB adapter

Can you access the router via your browser, as you will need to set up the router to connect to the modem?

Using the PPPoE setting

Have not installed a wireless broadband system with a standalone router before I am unable to say how to set up the Belkin router

May be one of the other member can help

  metoyou123 17:45 12 Mar 2008


i have no problems in connecting wirless i just cant access the internet on my pc this is where the router is set up through my pc , i tried to install the sweex usb adaptor but i no idea how to get it to connect to my wirless internet im well and truly stuck! total nightmare

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