Help with Wireless security please

  Dick_Dastardly 22:36 28 Jul 2006

I have my internet connection set up via a Linksys wireless connection - just run the Active Security Monitor program, and it's telling me everthing is fab except the wireless connection, which it says has no protection at all - bit worrying!

I'm told I need to change the SSID - not having the Linksys information anymore, could anyone give me some pointers as to what I need to do please.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:41 28 Jul 2006

How to Enable WEP Encryption

The following example describes how to edit an existing profile and apply WEP encryption.

To enable WEP encryption:

1. From the General page, click the Networks tab.
2. Select the profile from the Profile List and click the Edit button.
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Select any Network Authentication mode (Open is recommended).
5. Select WEP for Data Encryption.
6. Select 64-bit or 128-bit for the Encryption Level.
7. Select a key index number 1, 2, 3, or 4.
8. Select either of the following:

* Use pass phrase: Click Use Pass Phrase to enable. Enter a text phrase, up to five (using 64-bit) or 13 (using 128-bit) alphanumeric characters ((0-9, a-z or A-Z), in the pass phrase field.
* Use hex Key: Click Use hex Key to enable. Enter up to ten (using 64-bit) alphanumeric characters, 0-9, A-F, or twenty-six (using 128-bit) alphanumeric characters, 0-9, A-F in the hex key field

9. Click OK to save the profiles settings.

NOTE: You must use the same encryption type, index number, and WEP key as other devices on your wireless network.

  Dick_Dastardly 23:00 28 Jul 2006

Could you clarify what you mean by 'General Page' please - not exactly sure where I should be looking.

I've also heard mention that the Wireless Network Setup Wizard in Control Panel performs the same sort of thing ?

  silverous 23:55 28 Jul 2006

Alsom WEP is fine, but I believe WPA and above are better encryption if that is offered.

click here

Also he asked about changing SSID. THere will be an option on your router admin page to change this. Try looking up your router on Lnksys' website in the support section and you should find a manual there which will take you through it.

  silverous 00:33 29 Jul 2006

Alsom = Also.

  irishrapter 01:09 29 Jul 2006

WEP encryption is not fine, not by a long shot!

Go with WPA if you can, if you go here click here this website generates random passwords, use the 63 character set for WPA.

If you can only use WEP encryption then I would suggest you look into getting some new hardware that supports WPA or WPA2. Or at the very least use a 128 bit WEP key and change it every week.
WEP encryption can be broken, I tested that out on my router and can break a 64 bit WEP key in about 15 mins and a 128 bit key in about 45 mins.

Dont use a dictionary password for your WPA encryption as that can be broken too. I also tested a dictionary password with WPA on my router and found the key in about 5 mins.

For more info on wireless security or Penetration testing go here click here

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