Help on Wireless router - Streaming and Torrents

  schlange 15:15 17 Nov 2009

I currently have a D-link DIR-635 wireless router and 50 Mbit/s cable modem. I have the 4 wire ports connected to 3 computers and a NAS. The NAS has a bit torrent client which I use frequently. I wireless stream videos and music from the NAS to my TV via a PS3.

The problems I am facing are:
1. I frequently get a DNLC error with the playstation when streaming videos
2. I frequently get disconnected from the media Server (NAS) when watching videos
3. With my laptop, I get errors that page cannot be loaded - even though the wireless signal is strong and I am connected to the router
4. If I have torrents running on the NAS, I have super slow speeds when connecting to work via VPN

So this makes me think the router is not strong enough to serve 2+ wireless clients (PS3, Laptop and Phone) as well as to manage the bit torrent downloads.

Can you tell me if the D-link DIR-635 is the problem and if so, what is a better router?


  Ashrich 00:16 18 Nov 2009

I think I'd have a look for an updated firmware first , and see also if " smoothing " or traffic shaping is turned on or off ( on the router ), there may be some tweaks you can make so the torrents don't eat all the bandwidth .

Do the items connecting wirelessly have 802.11n adapters ? You might be asking it to do too much ..


  schlange 08:42 18 Nov 2009

Unfortunately the devices connected are my PS3 and work laptop. Both are not setup with Wireless N adapters.

The firmware is the latest. Fact is D-link has not updated firmware on this router for more than a year.

Even when no torrents are running, the PS3 loses connection to the media server quite often even though the signal strength is 70%. Also movies pause and stutter because

1. the router cannot stream fast enough or

2. the signal strength of 70% is insufficient for streaming to PS3

  Ashrich 23:00 18 Nov 2009

I would imagine that the 54mb/s connection can't stream the video fast enough which a 300 mb/s connection can , a bit to read here .


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