Help with wireless repeater please.

  bumpkin 18:44 11 Jan 2014

Hi everybody, I have bought one of these click here just want to use it to extend the range of my wireless router. The instructions are very unclear and I have failed to get it working so far. Using W7 on a desktop. PC sees it but won't connect. I would have thought that it should be linked to the router rather than the PC. Any suggestions or advice please.


  onthelimit1 19:03 11 Jan 2014

I haven't used that particular one, but the TPLink ones that I've used require the repeater to be plugged into the mains and a computer first (ethernet port) so that the wireless password can be inputted. Once done, the repeater is moved to another mains socket in the house and works as it should

  Secret-Squirrel 19:18 11 Jan 2014

Bumpkin, if your router supports WPS then the quickest and easiest way to link the two devices is to simply press the WPS button on the repeater then the one on the router.

If find you do have to connect it to your PC to configure it then try resetting the repeater back to its factory defaults.

  bumpkin 20:36 11 Jan 2014

Thanks for your replies.

onthelimit, I have done that but the PC is saying it can't connect to Wireless-N.

Secret-Squirrel, I have now tried the WPS buttons (only got a WPS router today so was unaware of that facility) The WLAN on the repeater is flashing, is this correct or should it be lit.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:50 11 Jan 2014

"The WLAN on the repeater is flashing"

I'm not familiar with your repeater advice so I don't know what the flashing LED means. Does the instruction manual tell you how to link via WPS and what the flashing WLAN LED means? If not then start again but this time try pressing the WPS button on the router first then the one on the repeater - but make sure you do so within one minute.

If things aren't behaving as they should then try my suggestion about resetting the repeater back to its factory defaults. According to your eBay page, this is how you do it:

*Note: If you need to reset the Wi-Fi Repeater/Router, you need press and hold the reset button inside the tiny hole for8~10 seconds.*

  bumpkin 21:58 11 Jan 2014

SS." Does the instruction manual tell you how to link via WPS and what the flashing WLAN LED means?" No nor does it mention the reset button. I originally tried to set it up using a RJ45 cable into the PC but could not get it to work.

Before trying to get the repeater to work I was using a wireless dongle for PC to router. I tried a cable PC to router but it does not show as connected (not the cable) I have a feeling that it may be the integral network card that has failed. Was not expecting that one. I shall fit a PCI network card in the morning and try again. Thanks for your support, I will post back results.

  lotvic 22:27 11 Jan 2014

I might be wrong but I thought you needed another piece of kit plugged into mains to go via ethernet cable from the router to make the mains circuit carry the internet to the piece of kit plugged into the one that then broadcasts the wifi signal for you to connect to. (I have worded that rather clumsily but hope it makes sense)

  bumpkin 22:44 11 Jan 2014

Lotvic, yes it does make sense but I think that you are thinking of something like Home Plugs which do use the mains. If you have a look at my link this appears to be a signal relay device which only needs plugging in for its own power.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 12 Jan 2014

Lotvic, I agree with Bumpkin, the repeater is a standalone device that doesn't use a Ethernet connection after it's been setup.

Bumpkin, on reflection, the flashing WLAN LED may indicate that it's now linked to the router - have you tested that it's working?

  bumpkin 14:13 12 Jan 2014

Hi again, tried everything I can think of but can't get it working. I don't know if is is faulty or I have not set it up properly.

  rdave13 16:45 12 Jan 2014

bumpkin , I have no idea if this will help but worth mentioning. This eSynic looks to be the same model? Have a look at the second reviewer's comment on setting up.

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