Help with wireless- proper router!

  collinsc 09:42 03 Nov 2007

A while back i asked for assistance setting up a wireless netowrk. it looked as though i had a router without a built in modem- and i wasnt doing too well!

well now i have borrowed a friends router- model:

Linksys Wirless-G ADSL Gateway with speedbooster.
Model No: WAG54GS.

The idea being - to see if i can actually get it working! and if i have any problems.

Can someone please advise! Im guessing i have to:

1)plug the router into the pc - and remove the ADSL modem?

2)type the ip address info from the router to a web page.

3)set WEP security.

do i have to do anything from my laptop side?!

then im away!?

thanks v much

  collinsc 13:13 03 Nov 2007

anyone please!?

this may seem like an obvious one!?

  mgmcc 14:04 03 Nov 2007

In basic terms (because I have "Cable", not ADSL), you need to plug the Modem/Router into the phone line and plug an ethernet cable between the PC's network port and one of the router's LAN ports. Type into your web browser to open the router's configuration pages.

You then need to set it up (a) to connect to the ISP and (b) to be able to connect "wirelessly". To connect wirelessly, ensure it is set to broadcast its SSID, use a channel number such as 6 or 11, set it to use both "B" and "G" protocols and set up WEP or, preferably, WPA encryption.

In the Laptop, you need to "Connect" to the router. In other words, run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

There is a difference between the Wireless Network Adapter and Router communicating with a good signal and "Connecting" (as in "logging in") to your Wireless network.

  collinsc 14:35 03 Nov 2007

thank you very much for this, i shall read it over and give it a go!

  collinsc 15:05 04 Nov 2007

hi all

ok- i gave it a go. connected as suggested. typed in and nothing happened!

my laptop did find somewhere else to connect to though. is it safe to stay with this connection? how can i find out whose it is?


  mgmcc 20:56 04 Nov 2007

<<< my laptop did find somewhere else to connect to though >>>

I did suggest connecting to the router by *ETHERNET CABLE* in order to set it up, in which case you couldn't connect to "somewhere else"!

There is a reason for doing this - the "chicken & egg" situation. You cannot connect to the router wirelessly because it isn't configured and you cannot configure it because you cannot connect wirelessly; hence the use initially of a "wired" ethernet connection.

<<< is it safe to stay with this connection? >>>

It is illegal.

  irishrapter 21:40 04 Nov 2007

If you follow mgmcc post @14:04 you can't go wrong.

The IP address for linksys should be AFAIK.

If that fails then open a command prompt (Go to start / Run and type "CMD")
In the command prompt type "ipconfig /all" Copy and paste the results here.

See if you are getting an IP address from the router and also see if you have a gateway address which should be the address of the router.

  collinsc 09:06 05 Nov 2007

I followed the instructions- and did go wrong!
i will give it another go and post the results of the command prompt here.

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