Help for wireless networking newbie, please

  kimtrnc 07:05 09 Jan 2008

I connect to the internet from my pc via ethernet card to a wireless dish pointing at my ISP's server. This works reliably and well. However, my desktop is in one room, and I would like to use my laptop, which does not have ethernet port, in another room, to connect to ISP. My laptop takes a PC card. Is there an appropriate router which I can use, please?

  Ashrich 22:30 09 Jan 2008

When you say " My ISP's server " is this dish pointing to a satellite type of connection ? In the village I live in , we can't get the Internet through phone lines as we are too far away , we have a set up where we have a 2 way satellite transceiver on our local post office roof , and we all have a wireless modem transceiver on the outside of the house pointing to the post office . These communicate wirelessly sending and receiving the internet between the houses and the hub about 25 miles away via a satellite connection , the PC's can connect to the outside box using ethernet cables . In our cases , to go wireless just means getting a wireless router ( no modem built in ) and connecting it to the cable from the outside box in to the WAN port and configuring it suitably .


  kimtrnc 04:37 10 Jan 2008

Hi Ashley - yes it's a satellite setup. I have an ethernet cable form my PC to a small adaptor box, and another cable goes from there directly to the external dish receiver.I live in Northern cprus, and it is very nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a phone line!

  Ashrich 21:54 10 Jan 2008

In that case do what I do , and have done for just about everyone who uses this system here in my village ( in the Uk !! ) Buy just a plain wireless router , no modem built in , and plug the ethernet cable that brings the internet in into the WAN port of the router , then connect another ethernet cable from router port 1 to the network port of your PC . Access the router set up pages by opening your browser ( don't worry about it saying it has no internet access ) and in the address bar type in the IP address for the router ( this will be in the documentation ) , you might get a CD which you can run which will do this bit for you , if so , great . When you have accessed these pages you can select which wireless channel you want , and add some wireless security to stop others using your set up ( best to use WPA encryption ) If you need any further help , you can always post back here !!


  kimtrnc 12:11 12 Jan 2008

Hi Ashley - think I follow, but do I attach the router to the PC, or the laptop? The PC already has internet access, as I explained, via satellite dish. What I want is to use the laptop, in another room so it can also access the internet ( not necessary to have both working at same time, though)
Really appreciate your help

  Ashrich 20:51 12 Jan 2008

Incoming internet access plugs into the WAN port of the router , port 1 on the router plugs in to the PC ( where your incoming cable goes now ) , then you can access the set up pages of the router by typing into your browser address bar the IP address of your chosen wireless router ( usually , but not exclusively ) , then press enter on the keyboard . From there you can add some wireless security , rename the router to something different so you can find it easily when the laptop scans for it , and basicly just see that it has found the internet connection and is working Ok , then you can get the PC card working on the laptop , scan for available networks , enter the passphrase you previously created in the security section and , hopefully , connect the laptop to the internet .


  Ashrich 20:52 12 Jan 2008

If you let me know , through this thread , what router you have ( or want ) I can guide you further to the finish .


  doclaw 23:55 12 Jan 2008

i am planning on expanding my network options. I just moved into a three bedroom flat and will be having a desktop and 2 laptop one for me and the other my neighbour asked for me to extend my coverage to his flat also. i dont know how i can make this work. i use a 3G EVDO USB modem Any Data ADU - E100 at the moment i connect it to my laptop. how do i make it work for my desktop and the other laptop. also is there a router which i can connect the 3G card to andmy partner can log on to the internet why i am not around. please all response are appreaciate. thanks

  Ashrich 10:28 13 Jan 2008

Please start a new thread , your posting here will be sent by email to the original poster , who is in Cyprus with a satellite connection who I am trying to help .


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