Help with wireless network problem please

  Never again 17:54 22 Oct 2006

I have a windows xp pc runing a belkin wireless router to which my xp laptop wirelessly connects to my NTL broadband connection.

Over the last few weeks it will not connect to the wireless network or tries to connect and then keeps dropping out.

The wired pc bit is ok as I am posting on it now, but my lapotop tells me that no wireless network is available and does not even recognise mine at the moment and It's only 2 feet from the router.

My laptop Windows keeps trying to connect and appears to do so sometimes for a very short period and then disconnects.

I've already done a repair as suggested by windows but this does not seem to work.

I tried a system restore to a time when it was working but this was not sucesssful.

I'm hunting around for an ethernet cable to see if it will connect by wires at the moment.

Your suggestions would be most appreciated

  postie24 17:57 22 Oct 2006

never again click here

  Never again 18:05 22 Oct 2006

the link goes to what looks like a very useful site but it looks like it covers setting up your network.

My laptop has been connecting to my secure network for the last 6 months without any problems except for the last couple of weeks.

I have reentered the WPA key and followed most of the suggested prompts by the windows troubleshooter but they have not worked so far.

The blighter is actually connected wirelessly right now whilst I have been posting this and appears to have a mind of its own and may disconnect at any moment.

How do you solve an intermittent problem like this?

  Never again 18:08 22 Oct 2006

There you go - its just dropped out and is trying to reconnect!!

  sparks3 18:08 22 Oct 2006

r u using filter on all phones


  postie24 18:09 22 Oct 2006

Try resetting the router.Turn it off for 30 secs and try then

  postie24 18:11 22 Oct 2006

Is router getting too hot,this can cause drop outs.

  Never again 18:16 22 Oct 2006

Thanks for your suggestion sparks3 but it is not connected to my phone system - I have a dedicated NTL cable broadband line and a seperate BT one for the phone.

I've tried resetting the router previously by unplugging it - but not for 30 seconds - which I am doing right now.

My laptop has just connected automatically on reconnection, but I'm waiting for it to drop out anytime!!!!

  sparks3 18:17 22 Oct 2006

Have you had the line checked for faults
sparks 3

  Never again 18:19 22 Oct 2006

its just dropped out again.

  Never again 18:22 22 Oct 2006

The line must be ok as I am on my desktop posting this right now and this broadband connection has been stable.

the router is also well ventilated.

oh - and its connected again, but for how long I don't know.

It keeps on telling me that the connection is excellent every time it connects and then just takes the mickey when it drops out.

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