Help - on wireless network needed!

  Maggie May 11:10 29 Mar 2004

I have a desktop pc connected to broadband via a usb connection (no PCI card) to a Motorola Surfbroad Cable Modem.

I have just bought a notebook with built in Wireless Lan 54 Mbit/s IEEE 802.11g (802.11b compatible).

I would like to wirelessly access the existing broadband connection and also the printer and ideally share files etc with the other pc from this new notebook.

I have had conflicting advice as to the best way to achieve this (from 18 year old salesmen at Staples/Comet etc-that I don't have much confidence in).

I don't necessarily want the cheapest option just a future proof one that will allow another computer to be added at a later date.

I would appreciate any advice as I'm a newbie to this networking business and my head is spinning

  byfordr 11:45 29 Mar 2004

This thread contains links to other useful threads and some info in it.



  byfordr 12:15 29 Mar 2004

click here

Sorry didn't paste thread in!


  JerryJay 12:22 29 Mar 2004

check out homenethelp click here, a lot of ideas and instruction there.

Do not rely too much on salespersons old or young, they just want to sell you the stuff they can make most commission not what you need.

  byfordr 13:22 29 Mar 2004

Personally I think one of the all-in-one units (modem/router/wireless) is the easiest route. As you have the wireless g standard with the laptop go for a wireless g standard wireless router. The main advantage is you can just leave the unit on to connect any pc to the network, if you have a modem wired into a pc, that pc needs to be on to use it. To connect the desktop to the network you can either go the wireless route and get some form of wireless g adapter. Or if you want to save a few pounds connect it via the router using networking cable (cat5) (You will need a network card on the pc to do this) Something like this click here allows you to add 4 pcs hardwired to it, and wireless b and g standard computers as well.

Do you have cable or bt phone line (may help to post back with your isp)


  Maggie May 15:21 29 Mar 2004

Thanks for your help - its a cable phone line / modem. That is partly the problem as the only "all in one units" seem to be ADSL. The other problem is I don't have network card on pc (although if necessary there is a free slot) and its connected by usb at present.

Is there a real advantage to using wireless g standard (in other words paying the extra for a 54 mbit router etc). I understand its faster but would that be noticable in normal broadband connectivity?

I really appreciate your time - I know you must have had these questions asked over and over!

  roy 15:29 29 Mar 2004

If you only anticipate using the network for your broadband connection I think that I am right in saying that there is no benefit in 'g' for you as the 802.11b is still faster than broadband.

  Maggie May 15:43 29 Mar 2004

I would also like to access the printer from the wireless laptop and perhaps share files with other computer (but that's not so important).

1) For speed dont worry about the 802.11g UNLESS you will be transferring files from one pc to another on a regular basis. If you do you will appreciate the extra that the 54Mbps gives you especially for backup purposes etc.

2) I would advise cable modem / router and linksys do one that is pretty here and with the addition of a cheap (-£20) network card you will have wired connection to your desktop and wireless for your laptop.

File and printer sharing is accomplished easily with XP.

  JerryJay 16:52 29 Mar 2004

11b, £45 D-Link DI-514 11Mbps Broadband Wireless Router (with buildin firewall)
click here

Yes, but you would still need a seperate cable modem ;-)

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