Help with wireless network

  oxtedgrif 19:59 13 Dec 2007

Hey guys im new here, be nice :D

I have been having problems with my wireless network as of late, i have a NETGEAR WGR614v6 that sends out a 802.11g wireless connection and it has 2 computers connected to it wired. It is sending on channel 11 and has WEP security.

Now my problem, the wired pcs run fine, smooth internet no problems, so its not to do with my ISP, but when the wireless pcs connect (with simple belkin adapters) they start at a strength of 54mbps and then over 30 secs that falls to 5.5mbps and then finally cuts out. It is not to do with distance because one of the wireless pcs is only a few meters away, but it would be inconvenient to use a cable, please could you help me out here.

  Kemistri 01:48 14 Dec 2007

"...and has WEP security" - where do you live? I'll be right round and park outside for some free broadband! (Seriously though, don't state where you live and DO use a better protocol).

Right now, I can't provide a solution, but I will post again if I think of anything.

  oxtedgrif 12:29 14 Dec 2007

what is wrong with WEP? should i use WPA-PSK?

  Kemistri 13:22 14 Dec 2007

What's wrong with it? The fact that it only takes the following to crack it: active network throughput; a modicum of basic networking knowledge picked up from the web; easily available sniffing and cracking software; a few minutes' time and a laptop.

As there are fewer and fewer open networks available, the next weakest get picked on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:41 14 Dec 2007

what is wrong with WEP? should i use WPA-PSK?

Wep is easily crackable (although better than nothing)
Yes use WPA -PSK

Try changing your wireless channel in the router and the adaptors software to see if it solves the strength problem.

  oxtedgrif 19:34 14 Dec 2007

Ive fixed it,

what ive done is limited the wireless network to the only 4 MAC address that use it in the house, the 2 computers, my PSP and my iPhone. It works perfectly now.

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