Help with wireless broadband hardware

  finno 21:18 15 Dec 2007

I`m with AOL with a modem at the moment, and am looking to switch to BT wireless. However, i am unclear about:

1. With the hub, if its in the hall and the pc is in the study (about 15 feet away), is that close enough?

2. How do I know if my pc if wireless enabled? What do I need to connect to my pc for wireless (at the moment, with wires its obviously a case of BT socket to modem, then modem connects to pc).

3. Anything else I need to consider?

  woodchip 21:30 15 Dec 2007

You can use Mains plugs for Wireless connection so you can use it anywhere in your house.

click here

click here

  finno 21:35 15 Dec 2007

doesnt it need to be plugged into a phone socket also? Point is, the phone socket is in the hall, so thats where the hub would have to go. Just wondered whether the pc, at 15feet from the phone socket in the hall, is too far away, or would that distance be ok?

  woodchip 22:20 15 Dec 2007

It may work ok but as it ground floor walls have more effect on stopping it. Mains plugs are not limited. To give an instance on my setup. My main BT socket is as yours near front door at ground level, I then run a Extension wire from a BB filter and use multi wire telephone cable I slit the cable in that I use to wires for BB and two for Phone The Extension is over 100ft long and I get nearly 7gb download at 1.8miles from Telephone Exchange. My Router is upstairs this gives a wider Coveridge

  Woolwell 22:34 15 Dec 2007

15ft may be ok but it depends on how your house is built. I have a wireless router downstairs and we can pick the signal ok all over the house but the signal is better downstairs.

Most desktops do not have wireless. You can either get a USB adaptor or a PCI card to make your PC wireless enabled.

With most wireless modem/routers it is better (and you mau have to) initially connect by cable to set up the broadband connection. I don't have BT Hub so am not sure about that.

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