Help with wireless belkin

  Wendan 15:30 12 Jul 2006


I've just bought a wireless Belkin 54 mbps line in hopes to spilt a connection. The first computer is on a plusnet dialup and my computer is the one that will be going wireless. We were able to get a wireless network between the two computers however we still can't get the wireless comp to hook up to the internet.
We are using a dsl line if that helps...
What we are trying to do is have the first computer on the dial-up and the second using wireless, is this possible or is there an easier way.
Can anyone help?

Thank you.

  ade.h 16:12 12 Jul 2006

Are you on dial up, or is it ADSL? Your post contradicts itself. If you use some form of dial-up ADSL (that is not capable of "always on" status) then a router is pretty much out unless you choose certain 3Com or Linksys models that support it.

It is not clear from your post exactly how much setup work you have done so far...

  silverous 13:51 13 Jul 2006

If your belkin router is an ADSL router (i.e. it has a built in ADSL modem) then you don't need to wirelessly access the internet from one PC to the other. You just set your Belkin up to access the net directly, then both PCs access it via networking (wireless or wired).

You can however share internet connectivity using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) which is built-in to windows - have you tried that?

Ade.h: In my experience you don't get dial-up ADSL or always-on ADSL - the difference is in the way you connect i.e. if you use a modem you often have to 'dial-up' but you can just put those details on the router to make it 'always on'

  ade.h 15:58 13 Jul 2006

In essence that is what I mean, but there are (or were) some providers that require(d) the user to activate their modem and would not accept an always-on connection. Hence the presence of that option in some routers.

  Wendan 09:20 14 Jul 2006

Thank you for the help,

we decided to ditch the wireless connenction and just decided to hook both comps together using an ethernet cable.
We then installed a network card into one of them and now it works.

Thanks again.

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