Help with Windows Explorer or suspected virus

  erkmatrix 22:35 30 Jan 2004

Hi I wonder if anyone can help, just started this afternoon but every link that usually opens up on a seperate explorer window, now just gets stuck and no new window opens. the web page just gets stuck and I have to click crtl alt and delete to get rid of it. I've done a virus check with AVG and said I'm clear but could it be some spyware or something else making this happen.

Please help

  Diodorus Siculus 22:38 30 Jan 2004

What OS?

If XP, try this:



sfc /scannow

  VoG II 22:39 30 Jan 2004


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  erkmatrix 23:18 30 Jan 2004

Hi I've tryed the sfc /scannow
that didn't alter it and gone to the webpage above followed the instructions up to when it says

If the problem is still not resolved, verify that the following registry values are present and correct:
Name: (Default)
Value: IDispatch
Name: (Default)
Value: {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
Name: (Default)
Value: {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

How do I check my registry and also if after that I need to reinstall explorer which it says do after you check the registry whats the best way to uninstall and reinstall, sorry for being a novice.


  erkmatrix 09:20 31 Jan 2004


  VoG II 09:45 31 Jan 2004

Start, run, type in


and click OK

If after you've checked the registry entries it still doesn't work, try a repair click here

  erkmatrix 09:55 31 Jan 2004

sorry that was my question how do I check the registry entries

  erkmatrix 09:58 31 Jan 2004

oh stupid me I've got it now type what you said, I'll check the registry then try that link if its doesn't still work, thanks

  erkmatrix 10:12 31 Jan 2004

Hi I can't find the HKLM in the list of the registry editor, so I went to try and search for it and pressed start then search yet the search box never came up, could my pc have a virus with all these strange things happening, its got me abit worried now.

  VoG II 10:15 31 Jan 2004

You are looking for


in the left hand pane. Click on the + to expand - just like using Windows Explorer to find a file.

  erkmatrix 10:41 31 Jan 2004

I went to that link and it just tells you to press start/run/sfc /scannow

which is what Diodorus Siculus said in the second entry of this thread, which I did originally but it still didn't fix the problem.

What should I try next, totally removing explorer and then getting a new explorer?


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