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  tonymcdonn 10:16 17 Jul 2009

I have just bought a used HTC TYTN11 phone. It has Wi-Fi and for the last few days I have been trying to connect to my Netgear router which is DG834PN, with no joy. I have downloaded the manual for the phone and have followed the instructions. It sees my Netgear in the phone and where it says 'Network name' I have put my name.In the 'Contacts 2' box I have left the internet, then gone to the next page where the 'Authorization' box says open. In the 'Data incryption box WEP' There is a tick in the box where it says key is automatically provided. I have put my WEP key in the Network key box. In the key index box there is a 1 then I go to the next page and it has a box with no tick in,Next to that says use IEEE802.1X Network accsess control. The EAP type box has in it'Smartcard certification' It comes up with my Network and says it is connected and when I click ok and go on Internet Explorer it tries to connect and then comes up with Internet Explore cannot be found, check the name and try again.Can anyone help please?

  ambra4 20:07 17 Jul 2009

“It sees my Netgear in the phone and where it says 'Network name' I have put my name”

You have to enter the “SSID Name” in the router not your name

“In the 'Contacts 2' box I have left the Internet, then gone to the next page where the

'Authorization' box says open”

In the 'Authorization' box” you have to enter the “Network Key (WEP/WPA Key)


  tonymcdonn 21:10 17 Jul 2009

Thank you I have got my name in which is the ssid and 'Authorization' box only hs open, shared,wpa,wpa-psk,wpa2,wpa2-psk, and the network key, I have put my wep key in.

  ambra4 21:33 17 Jul 2009

“Shared, wpa, wpa-psk, wpa2, wpa2-psk, and the network key I have put my wep key in”

No you connect use a WEP key with a WPA-PSK security system you need to change the

security setting on the router to WPA-PSK security before the phone will connect and

allow Internet access

If you change to WPA-PSK from WEP on the router all your present wireless devices

that is presently connected to the wireless router will also have to change to a WPA-PSK

security system

So use a WPA-PSK, TRIP setting and make a new “Network Key WPA Key”

  Ashrich 22:39 17 Jul 2009

click here , Read the second post down for some possible help .


  tonymcdonn 10:18 18 Jul 2009

After reading some forums,I think I know what's causing it. When I bought the phone the operating system was put on by Orange, the sim card is not locked and I have a Vodaphone simcard.The operating system is locked to Orange. Reading some forums,it looks like I have to flash the rom,which I dont think I can do. I'll have to find someone locally to do it for me. Thanks to you all for your help. Tony.

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