Help!! - Which Router to buy! for Orange Broadband

  lisalab1 12:59 28 Oct 2007

Im switching from wanadoo(orange) usb speedtouch ADSL 330 to broadband orange home starter package to connect my PC and Laptop together.

As either my Laptop (which is windows xp with a built in modem) or PC (which is windows 2000 with no modem) do not have any wireless connection. I am confused to buy either

the Zyxel Prestige 660HW-T1,
the Netgear D834G
or orange standard wireless modem?

or orange wireless modem with either one of the other two?

Please help me!!!!

  Technotiger 13:09 28 Oct 2007

Hmm, not the answer you are looking for, but - still might interest you ...

click here

  Graham. 13:20 28 Oct 2007

Doesn't the package come with a wireless modem?

You will need a wireless adaptor for each PC, not a router. The modem signal can then be picked up by both adaptors.

'Will any wireless adaptor work?
The Livebox works with all adaptors that carry the Wi-Fi industry standard mark'.

  Newuser3477 13:25 28 Oct 2007

I am an orange broadband user.
Orange supplied me with a modem initially, when I upgraded to Live Box (recommneded ) they supplied the live box router which I hard wire(ethernet) to my PC and connect wirelessly to my laptop

  lisalab1 13:38 28 Oct 2007

The orange package comes with a wireless modem but I think it connects to one PC by the ethernet port.

How would I connect two pcs? Wouldn't a router help as they have more that one ethernet port?

  lisalab1 13:39 28 Oct 2007

I heard bad things about the Orange Live Box that people have connection problems

  Graham. 13:46 28 Oct 2007

Do you want to network the 2 computers, or just have internet access on both?

  Jak_1 13:57 28 Oct 2007

I have no problems with my Orange Livebox. It is hard wired to the pc but I can also use wireless to a laptop at the same time should I so wish.

  lisalab1 14:40 28 Oct 2007

I just want to have internet access to both laptop and PC.

  lisalab1 14:41 28 Oct 2007

Unfortuately my toshiba laptop does not have any wireless connection built in to use it wireless.

  Graham. 14:42 28 Oct 2007

Then if one is to be wired via ethernet, you only need one wireless adaptor.

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