Help!! Which Broadband Provider for PC and Laptop?

  lisalab1 15:34 21 Oct 2007

Im new to this which I need help as I im not Computer whizz.....I want to have both my PC and Laptop connected to the internet.

1st of all - Both PC and Laptop do not have any wireless connection.

2nd of all - The PC does not have a modem built in but my Laptop does.

Is there a internet broadband provider or broadband package which I can have them both running?

Any help would be greatful

  johnnyrocker 15:43 21 Oct 2007

any isp will enable both to work.


  woodchip 15:46 21 Oct 2007

The modem built into the Laptop is only for Dial-Up on a Phone line not Broad Band. And you cannot connect by it wireless. You need a Modem With Built in Wireless Router. If you are in Cable aria You may be able to connect that way but you need the right Modem router to connect to Cable. If you want to do it by means of a BT line then it a ADSL one you need Laptop And desktop need either Ethernet port or Wireless. If non you will need either USB dongle or Card Adapters

  woodchip 15:47 21 Oct 2007

PS PCADVISOR are giving a free wireless Modem if you take out a years Sub on the Mag. Look at the top of the main page on the right

  lisalab1 16:02 21 Oct 2007

At the moment I have the wanadoo broadband (turned orange) with the speedtouch 330 USB ASDL modem.

I wanted to switch the to the Thomson ST 585v6 but the orange customer service wasn't helpful pointing me in the right direction whether I could use it instead of the speedtouch 330 to have my Laptop and PC connected together.

Isn't there a way??

  lisalab1 16:59 21 Oct 2007

I've just checked on on the wireless router 'thomson ST 585v6. It includes multiple uses on single IP address.

Can this replace my speedtouch 330?

  Jim_F 18:30 21 Oct 2007

In theory it can work but only if your isp plays ball - they used to only route to the MAC (machine identifier) of one PC - now they mostly do it to the cable modem and usually only support the one they provide.

Its easier if they provide am ethernet connection as then you can put a router behind it to share the connection - you can do more cheaply this if you leave the desktop PC on with internet connection sharing enabled and connect this with the laptop with a crossover ethernet cable.

This does require that you have ethernet connectors available on both laptop and desktop - like wider versions of modem connectors.

  wjrt 18:51 21 Oct 2007

orange version of adsl modem wireless router is the livebox see here
click here
speak to orange and see if they can upgrade your present package to one which includes this and you should also be able to get an adaptor for the laptop from them.

  lisalab1 20:16 21 Oct 2007

Both the laptop and PC have an ethernet connectors. What about RJ145 cables? Unfortuately with the speedtouch 330 there is only a usb cable and phone line

  lisalab1 20:19 21 Oct 2007

I have spoken to orange and because I do not have a wireless connection on either my laptop or pc they said that I cannot have the orange livebox package.

They did say that I could have the home starter for £12 a month and can provide my own wireless modem instead of using there own standard wireless modem brand.

  wjrt 21:53 21 Oct 2007

click here
if you get home starter and use this then connect desktop first to set up the connection using the ethernet cable connection , normally easier to get first connection by cable , then think about wireless then using the adaptor for the laptop to connect wirelessly . you could later buy another adaptor if you want the desktop to be wireless. for protection using WPA encryption rather than WEP is better. this will be clearer when setting up the router as the software will give you the choice.

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