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  NotSureBoutThis 21:15 24 Jul 2007

When I swithced on this am, my computer froze whilst loading.

When I restarted the message stated
Checking file system on c:
File typr: Fat32

Cut a long story short, I could not get my computer to load from start up.

I contacted "Acer" help desk, who told me how to do a factory reset, which I have done.

However, it has not solved the problem, I must have done 20 factory restarts, it still keeps freezing, I manage to just about get on line, like now, but then it will frezze.

Any idea what's causing this, btw, I'm a novice with computers.

Thanks in advance

  Meshuga 07:28 25 Jul 2007

A more descriptive thread title would bring you more response. "Help-where do I begin" conveys nothing to anyone as to the nature of your problem.

  [email protected] 07:40 25 Jul 2007

hi i think you joined here around the time i did, under a year ago? is it still under warrenty? i have had the problem once, it was corrupt windows files here, but if you have done a factory reset (a recovery) im guessing it's either hardware or malware. freezing, i would check all the fans are running and blow the heatsinks clean with a can of air. but if it's under warrenty take it back.

you could also try going into the bios and going down the last good config route, have you made a hardware or software changes recently?

  Probabilitydrive 07:41 25 Jul 2007

Please supply more info.Laptop make? How old? What OS? Any changes made recently?

  NotSureBoutThis 08:34 25 Jul 2007



Yes, you are correct, however I spent almost 11 hours yesterday trying to sort the problem out, when I eventually got on line, I just put the first thing that come into my head.


Thanks, yes, I have been registered on this site for around 12 months, I have 4 weeks warranty left, I called “Acer” help desk yesterday, whilst they gave me some help re resetting back to factory settings, it never cured the problem, whatever it was, it seems to have rectified itself now.


Stupid me, I know now looking at my thread, what crap it was, sorry for any confusion, and may I thank you all for your comments, and advice, much appreciated.

As I have to renew everything back onto my system, I'm going over to the “Absolute Beginners” forum.

Once again, many thanks.

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