HELP - Well... Problem with MS Mouse (Wireless)

  mattyc_92 17:36 22 Jun 2005

Hi, all of a sudden my mouse suddenly shows signs of inteligence aka it moves across the screen (the cursor, not the mouse as that would be some trick... lol) when I am not even moving it myself.

I have done the obvious things (chaning batteries, moving mobile phone out of the room, changing the frequency of what it uses, done the virus, adware, spyware scans and moved the reviever nearer and closer to the mouse and keyboard) but it hasn't helped. It doesn't always move at all, but other times it moves to the other side (sometimes di-angle (sorry about spelling), horrizontal, vertical or sometimes avery directions possible)

I have tried resting the mouse on a piece of A4 plain paper (as I have seen a post from someone saying it actually works for an optical mouse)

Can someone help?

As usual, thanks in advance

  Smartfish 18:14 22 Jun 2005

it sounds like you've tried all the standard stuff but wot about re-installing it?

I assume the same thing happens everytime u use the PC.

  mattyc_92 18:25 22 Jun 2005

Thanks for the quick response....

No, I haven't re-installed the software, but the software is only for the extra buttons on the keyboard (and so you can change what the mouse buttons do)

Yes, it does happen at least once every 7 hours and lasts about 1 hour (an average day, this computer may be on for anything up to 10 hours)

  mattyc_92 16:33 23 Jun 2005


  kinger 16:44 23 Jun 2005

I'm getting the same thing on one of my PC's, only with a USB mouse (Microsoft basic optical).

It happened to my wireless mouse but that was just the batteries needed changing.

Worryingly, this mouse needs no batteries and I've already reinstalled the driver.

I'd be interested to see any advice.

I'm on Windows XP Home edition. The problem has been with it since installing XP and has stayed even after Service pack 2 installed.

Sorry to jump on your posting but they seem to be one and the same problem. Hope you don't mind.


  mattyc_92 16:46 23 Jun 2005

I don't mind... lol

  mattyc_92 20:13 23 Jun 2005

I have just moved my "mouse mat" from under the mouse and the cursor doesn't seem to be jumping (I have probably spoke too soon though)

  Ancient Learner 21:26 23 Jun 2005

Strangely, I find that a 'mouse mat' is not very successful under an optical mouse. If the clean sheet of paper doesn't work, could it be electrical interference from some machinery, yours or a neighbours?

  kinger 22:36 23 Jun 2005

I have also removed the mouse mat and it doesn't flick around the screen so much but still has it's little flickers.

  woodchip 22:47 23 Jun 2005

Try uninstalling from Device Manager. You will have to use Keyboard to shut down and restart

  mattyc_92 08:50 24 Jun 2005

I have tried that woodchip, but it doesn't do anything....

I think I will stick to using the desk's surface instead (and having to clean the sensor for the laser once and a while)

Will tick this now...

Thanks to everyone for their help and I wish kinger all the luck for sorting out his/her problem...

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