Help wanted with Int Ex.

  Derek 07:25 14 Jun 2003

Derek Fri, 13.06.03 | 15:56
Win ME and B'Band.
I cannot load an update of Internet Explorer from 5.5 to 6.0+. I went into Win Updates and Scanned as instructed. It told me to update IE to v6, this I did after closing down all apps. It got so far and a box said "couldn't complete - try again" or something. This I did but the same box keeps coming up and I cannot progress any further (no error numbers). I open the Help box which tells me to report the matter to MS but I cannot find the email support address for such matters and the knowledge base is very difficult to navigate !!
I thought I would try taking out the old 5.5 IE. Can I remove existing IE without losing my address book and files that are located in Win/App/Ident and MS, and then try to load from this month's CD, the latest IE v6+. It's very important that my system remain stable enough for me to send and receive emails.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards DM.

  Wak 19:12 14 Jun 2003

Hi Derek, If I were you I would first of all try to repair the existing IE5.
Not too sure about Win ME but in Win 98 you would
Go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System tools/ System information/ Tools and select the IE repair tool.
If it will repair, then, and only then, try and install IE6 over the top. Don't try and remove IE5 or you will most likely lose your existing info.
If it will not repair, go into Control Panel/ Add, Remove Programs and see which version of IE is installed.
If it's not listed in Add/ Remove Programs it could be in the Windows Setup part.
See how you go and post back.

  Derek 08:01 15 Jun 2003

Thank you Wak for taking such an interest. Tried as you suggest but cannot locate IE repair Tool in ME, nor can I find System Setup anywhere.
Thank you again Derek.

  VoG® 09:24 15 Jun 2003

Repair tool click here

  Wak 11:15 15 Jun 2003

Follow VOG's lead for the repair tool.
For the Window Setup, (in win 98, anyway) go to Control Panel/ Add,Remove Programs.
The first tab is for Install/ Uninstall, the second tab is for Windows Setup where you get things like Desk Top Themes, Internet Tools, etc.

  Derek 08:17 16 Jun 2003

Thank you both for assisting but I am no further forward, let me explain.
The first option to go into Add/Remove and select Internet Explorer came to nothing because MS Int Exp wasn't listed in the box, I then moved to the second option on the printed paper.
I did as instructed and double checked all my proceedures.
I got a box with three options.
1. Add a component.
2. Repair Internet Explorer. (Greyed out)
3. Restore Int Exp (Greyed out)

Since I had nothing to lose, I selected the only one available "Add a Component".
Then a box came up with the following message...

"Error creating process <IE5Wzd.EXE/A/S:"C:\Programe Files\Internet Explorer\IE6SETUP.EXE">
Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.

I reiterate, this message came up when I selected the only available non greyed facility "Add a Component".

Going back to the original problem, I was invited to download ver 6 IE after being invited to by the MS Update Facility.

  Wak 09:41 16 Jun 2003

Suggest you try running the System File Checker.
Don't know about Win ME but in Win 98 go to Start/ Run, and type SFC in the box then press OK.
Alternatively, go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Tools/ System file checker.
Have your System Disc handy.
Did you manage to find Windows Setup (second tab)in Add/ Remove Progs?? Was there anything in there relating to IE 5 or IE6 ????

  Derek 20:35 16 Jun 2003

On my outfit running ME, I have no SFC availableas refered to in your last mail.
Within the Add/Rem 2nd box, I have nothing to see regards IE 5 or 06.
Have just popped the Win ME CD in again and loaded it to see what that might do.

Question...should I now go into "msconfig" and clear all startups with the exception of Exp and Systray ?
Regards Derek.

  Derek 21:40 16 Jun 2003

Just about tried everything advised and that, which I know of.

Has anyone got a UK phone number of MS as a support line for Internet Explorer.

  broggs 21:58 16 Jun 2003

How about downloading opera and then importing favorites /adress books etc from I.e.
If this works you can reinstall i.e and then import back from opera.
Just a thought...No harm in trying.

  Derek 11:58 17 Jun 2003

Thank you Broggs I'm about to have a go as you suggest. I've tried everything else so once again, up goes the steep learning curve.......

Kindest regards Derek.

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