HELP - want to go wireless and travel v soon!

  Mazarron 21:03 30 Mar 2008


I have just had an incredibly frustrating 'live' chat with several people at AOL who seem to know less than me, and that's saying something! I am going abroad for a few weeks and have just bought a laptop to take with me. The intention is to use it wherever I can find a free WiFi hotspot to check my e-mails, bank etc. I foolishly thought I could just get a 'wireless enabled' laptop, add it - somehow - to my AOL account and proceed as planned. HOWEVER, perhaps foolishly I started to enquire about going wireless at home whilst I'm about it, but that's all going to take to long. And they started to tell me that I'd need to have a data card and a mobile contract etc. etc. The they changed their mind and said it would work without if I could find a free hotspot, now I'm waiting for them to tell me how to connect my laptop to AOL. Can somebody PLEASE tell me quickly just what is true and what is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way forward.........PLEASE!

  tullie 01:36 31 Mar 2008

If its WiFi enabled,thats it,all youve got to do is find the free hotspot,and connect.

  Mazarron 10:48 31 Mar 2008

Thank you SO MUCH for restoring some semblance of normality and logic - that's what I thought, until I spoke to various 'advisors'! Now, just one last teeny question to make sure I've absolutely got it right - I do still have to get my laptop fixed up with my ISP before I go don't I - be magic if I didn't have to worry about that either!? But presuming that answer is 'yes', I should somehow be able to do that without waiting for the whole wireless thing to arrive at my house? Would love to hear to just finally resolve this. Thanks.

  JM45 07:54 04 Apr 2008

No just enable your wireless on the laptop and search for a free connection, you can then browse and log in to your ISP to check your mail etc, I expect you will find that free connections are few.

  Mazarron 09:16 04 Apr 2008

.......both - back to where I started, and ready to go!

  DippyGirl 12:53 04 Apr 2008

Sorry to be a party pooper - but I agree with the bit about enabling the wireless adapter on the laptop then finding a network to connect to the i'net and you are good to go - surf's up.
Dont see the thing about "log on to the ISP to check mail'.
You can use a web based mail - or set up your Email client to access web based mail a/c as POP3 or IMAP (if a feature).
But if it is a classic POP3 email you will be able to set your client to read emails but I didnt think you could send - unless you were logged on through the ISP ....which you wont be because you are on via a wireless hotspot - or am I way off beam?

  T0SH 10:00 05 Apr 2008

It used to be that AOL provided it`s account customers with freephone dial up access numbers in most developed countries around the world to keep in touch using the AOL mail client software which did not support web based access

Not sure if this is still the case though

Cheers HC

  Forum Editor 11:08 05 Apr 2008

if you connect via a wireless hotspot you will probably find that although you can retrieve email from a POP3 mailbox you will not be able to send outbound mail via your email client (Outlook, or Outlook Express, etc.). That's because your mail client will be configured to send via your normal SMTP server, and the wireless ISP will not permit what is called 'relaying', which means connecting to one ISP and trying to use another ISP's SMTP server.

Web-mail will be no problem however.

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