help virus found

  swingtime 16:08 21 Feb 2003

Help needed please I ran avg today and it detected a virus on c drive what do I do now cheers it gave no more information just said virus detected on c

  huzzar 16:43 21 Feb 2003

What AVG program are you using?

  swingtime 17:05 21 Feb 2003

free avg and it is up to date does not give any info just virus detected computer seems to be working ok
thanks for reply

  huzzar 17:18 21 Feb 2003

It seems that your free avg is telling you things that you don't want to know - if it don,t tell you which it is or how to get rid of it I would sling it out the window and get one that does. there is some good AVG software on the net for you to download (I use Norton myself) I suggest you download one and let it find and remove it.

Maybe someone else knows of a good link to an AVG for you.

  swingtime 17:25 21 Feb 2003

Hello I feel a bit foolish I just remembered I done a test a few nights from f-secure.virus-info/eicar and this is what shows on the computer it just shows a little knowledge is dangerous so how do I remove this from my computer thanks again

  Gaz 25 01:21 22 Feb 2003

Delete it, it is a test virus!

No harm is done by it!


  swingtime 12:04 22 Feb 2003

thank you it's time to tick the box

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