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  pppc 14:29 31 May 2004

I have just reinstalled Windows 98. I now seem to have caught a virus - a CONNECT window opens uninvited and resists all attempts to close it - including Control/Alt/Delete. I am running Norton 2003 - it failed to spot anything (I did a full scan this morning) buyt I now cannot get it to scasn at all.

I have this morning downloaded and run the 'UNOFFICIAL Windows 98 Service pack 1.5' as recommended on this help desk. Might this be the source of my problems.

Any help/advice would be appreciated


  Terry Brown 14:40 31 May 2004

It sounds as if it has left a copy of itself in the registry, and (Providing you know what you are doing) you may have to edit from there. The other choice, is to open your computer using the Win 98 Boot disk (No windows loaded), find the file by changing to C: drive (CD C:) search by using Dir\program name /s (don't forget the space between name and /), then manually deleting it.

  pppc 15:43 31 May 2004


Thank you for responding. But what am I looking for?? I suspect you may know hat I have caUGHT and perhaps assume that I do too; I don't have any idea.

The CONNECT window seems to come up when I attempt to open some files - it does not seem all are alike. Once it is on the desktop I can do practically nothing with the machine. If I delete all my DUNs it seems to baffle it and I think I can get on normally.

I have managed to open Norton by coming online - i.e. accepting the Connect. Whether I will be able to make a scan reamians to be seen.

  pppc 19:38 02 Jun 2004

I cut my losses and repeated the re-install. I have a nice clean machine now

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