THE TERMINATOR 19:25 16 Mar 2004

I've just started to get files that appear on my desktop. The file has a squiggle under it (name?). A friend of mine said it was a virus, but did'nt know what it was called. Is there somebody out there who could shed a bit of light on this subject for me.

  VoG II 19:26 16 Mar 2004

It is a copy of your Outlook Express address book.

You can safely delete it.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:03 16 Mar 2004

ok VoG, then answer me this how come it haapens so often? On my desktop and in folders on my drive.

  VoG II 20:05 16 Mar 2004

Do the files appear after you've used OE and added to or changed address book?

  THE TERMINATOR 21:49 16 Mar 2004

Yes VoG, I have added then deleted a contact to OE address book twice now, and a file with a tilde under it appeared on the desk top. What can be done to stop this annoyance.

  VoG II 21:53 16 Mar 2004

As far as I know it is a bug that was introduced by an update and Microsoft have not fixed it. I may be wrong on that.

At least now I know I'm not in cloud cuckoo land - thanks for replying.

  dunsojerin 22:18 16 Mar 2004

According to the Telegraph "Boot Up" column this is particular to Outlook Express 6, VoG is correct it is known and Microsoft have done nothing about it. I solved the problem by returning to Outlook Express 5!

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