HELP! Vinyl (LP'S) recording sound

  hatters1980 07:55 19 Jan 2005

I am a novice with musical terminology. I have recently started attempting to record all my vinly to pc in order to create CD compilations of all my fovourite tracks. I am using an old hi-fi system which has no phono ports, just a headphones socket. I have connected the headphones socket to the mic in on my pc with very varied results using Nero6 wave maker. Have had slightly more success connecting through line-in, direct to sound card, using nero smart-trax! I have been unable to completely convert audio sound quality to digital sound without holding humming and some hissing. When I play the CD's on other players the sound quality is very poor with many different pitches and tones missing from the original recording. Can anyone help! Is there any freeware software outthere that could help me successfully complete my task!

  cris66 08:20 19 Jan 2005

I'm doing something similar with dance 12"s. I found that if you want the quality - and considering the time & hassle involved you really only want to do it once - you need the proper gear. The signal from vinyl will only be as good as the weakest link in your system. There are free software options but i found them pretty poor. I spent £25 on pinnacle Clean software and its fantastic, certainly does the job well. I also use db poweramp to convert the .wavs > .mp3s.
Look for old articles in PC Adviser, within last year there was at least one, very informative.
Unfortunately, I would say the problem might start with your hi-fi. I had to up-grade my amp to have a phono pre-amp to get a good signal. Vinyl is famous for low quality sound out-put. I guess thats why everyone goes for cds...

  VideoSentry 08:36 19 Jan 2005

I would suggest a Pre amp between your record deck and the Pewter, if not possible ( the deck is connected direct to the Amp ) could you not borrow a deck + pre amp from someone ? Otherwise it is hardly worth copying the disc's to CD.A quick look at this may help click here

  GRFT 08:39 19 Jan 2005


  greigas 08:48 19 Jan 2005

Can anyone suggest the optimum size of photo to send and the best way to reduce the image for sending from my photo files? I have u lead photo express on a 56k connection (hoping to move to broadband soon). Also how do u get the optimum picture quality?

Cheers Alan

  greigas 08:57 19 Jan 2005

Sorry about posting in the wrong section this, tad hungover this morning

  Dumble452 09:01 19 Jan 2005

I'm getting good results using the deck from my Aiwa music centre connected to the line in socket. (The deck does have its own pre-amp)using Nero 6 reloaded Wave Editor. Having a few problems separating tracks, the Nero manual is not too helpful

  [email protected] 09:36 19 Jan 2005

Not long ago I was down this road myself and got lots of help from this forum. Try click here
which should get you going. One important thing is the signal levels: When using an adjustable level at each end [PC and pre-amp/headphones o/p] you must ensure the amp o/p end is on zero - adjust the PC levels to max - then carefully increase the amp end until you have the levels you want when monitoring it on your PC]. Its GIGO all the way and if the LP/stylus/amp are a bit duff then the end result will be the same albeit perhaps a bit less hissy or clicky if you use a cleanup program. I use AudioCleaningLab and get reasonable results [there are other programs]. The interface seems a bit overcomplicated but I have an older version; seems the latest is much more user friendly. Good luck.
[GIGO = garbage in garbage out]

  [email protected] 09:41 19 Jan 2005

My original thread was 170662 but if you do a search for "LP to CD" I reckon you will have plenty of reading. ;-)

  Stuartli 09:52 19 Jan 2005

Or go to click here which has dozens of articles on recording from a range of sources for burning purposes.

  GRFT 14:28 19 Jan 2005

Before delving into what software package to use, make sure that your record deck is up to the task, ie, that you have a decent turntable/arm/cartridge combination, plus a preamp that will deliver the necessary signal level to the line input of your sound card. If not, then try to borrow, beg or steal one for the duration of the job. Cheap turntable are the main source of the rumble, hum and noise that bedevils vinyl playback. A properly setup high-end turntable combo will beat CD all ends up, although I must admit that SACD is getting pretty close. There are plenty of sites dealing with the subject. Try this one click here

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