HELP: video card upgrade

  satole01 00:47 29 May 2009

Can anyone please help me?

I am trying to replace my old video card to set up a home media center. Looking through the manual, it said that it has a AGP interface. What other video card specifications should I look for to make sure the card will not overheat my pc and is compatible with the pc to utilize all of its capbilities, etc.

The computer I am trying to fix in intel celeron, hp compaq d220mt. I recently upgraded it to 160 gb hard drive, 1 gb ram, and installed home vista premium.

  ambra4 02:21 29 May 2009

With Vista the minimum recommend memory is 2GB

Take a look at the following AGP cards

Zotac 6200A 256Mb AGP graphics card

click here

Sapphire Radeon HD3650 512Mb AGP Graphics Card

click here

Sapphire DVI - VGA Converter

click here

You also need to check what type of connecting socket does the monitor use VGA or DVI

The Zotac card carries both so you should have any problem connecting the monitor

The Sapphire card only carries DVI sockets so to connect to a VGA type monitor socket you will

need to use a DVI to VGA adapter

  mrwoowoo 02:52 29 May 2009

Whatever card you get will not overheat your pc.
The only thing to worry about is if your PSU is powerful enough .

  satole01 06:05 29 May 2009

I checked the manual, it said that it has a 200watt psu. Is this powerful enough for most agp video card? What about that graphic card's core clock speed, memory clock, ramdac speed, and memory bandwidth? What are these and should I pay important attention to these aspects to make sure the card works with my pc?

  Marko797 06:12 29 May 2009

I have an agp HD3850 and it needs around a 450w psu. If ur going for a new card, say HD3650, then the spec should advise on psu requirements. My guess is that u will need to upgrade ur psu, as ur current one may not have the guts to power a newer agp card. As mrwoowoo says, just concern urself with the psu. All the other stuff which u mention will be taken care of by the grafs card.

  mrwoowoo 14:31 29 May 2009

The first card in ambra4's links requires a 300watt psu whilst the 2nd link requires a 550 watt PSU.
You certainly need a new PSU which aren't too expensive.
Core clock speed and memory clock are most important.Obviously the higher the better.
A rule of thumb is that the dearer the card,the better it is.Common sense really.
To compare cards click here

  mrwoowoo 14:35 29 May 2009

"should I pay important attention to these aspects to make sure the card works with my pc?"
As long as your PSU is powerful enough and the card is an AGP oneit will work on your PC.
All the other card specs just relate to the graphics cards power and performance.

  satole01 17:28 29 May 2009

guys, could suggest some video cards that can run on a 200 watt psu?

I been looking for the psu requirements for diablotek radeon 9800 xl, but could not find them. Do you think my computer will be able to run this card?

click here

  gazzaho 09:27 30 May 2009

I can't comment on cards for a 200 watt PSU as I'm unsure which would work with such a supply.

Generally the more you have plugged into the motherboard the bigger the drain on the power supply, I've had a quick look and can't seem to find power requirements for the Radeon 9800 XL card.

To be honest 200 watt does seem to be quit low for a modern computer, if you're only using one internal hard drive a sound card and a graphics card your current power supply may run the 9800 xl card fine, add other internal components like a second hard drive or other PCI cards at a later date and it might be too much for the power supply to cope causing Windows crashes and bluescreens.

I've added a link click here I found while searching for graphics card power requirements that might explain power requirements a little better, the Radeon 9800 shown in the graph does seem to be on the low power consumption end of the scale, it might run perfectly well on your system.

  crosstrainer 13:17 30 May 2009

Truth is, AGP is very old hat now. Best course of action (If I were you) Would be to save some cash and upgrade to a PCIE capable mobo / cpu package.

Some ideas:

Bear in mind that you will also needs a new power supply.

click here

For motherboards.

click here

For PSU's

click here

Graphics cards.

Time and patience are virtues, but would prevent you spending money on an older system.

  satole01 16:23 30 May 2009

Thank you guys for the help. Your suggestions helped decide what to work on my pc.

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