Help with very clean digital camera

  Legolas 14:26 19 Jun 2006

I have just machine washed my almost new hardly used £196 digital camera.

I had it with me at the weekend while camping and had wrapped it in a towel to protect it while in my rucksack.

This morning I emptied the contents of said rucksack into the washer and started it going.

A few minutes later I noticed a mettalic clanking coming from the washer and immediately realised what I had done I managed to retrieve the camera and have set it aside to let it dry, will it work again or is it ruined?

I have a friend who washed there MP3 player and once it had dried it worked ok and is still working, anyone have any tips or experience of this.

I know the temptation may be hard to resist but please keep the wisecracks to a minimum, although I probably deserve them ;-)

I told my Father who rather than commiserate informed me that I would,nt be able to take any dirty photos now.

  SANTOS7 14:29 19 Jun 2006

Only thing i can suggest is open everything that will open and run a hair drier into it...
Silly old legolas!!!!

  Legolas 14:35 19 Jun 2006

Thanks for the suggestion SANTOS7 had'nt thought of that and no wisecracks either your a star.

  pj123 14:37 19 Jun 2006

My only comment would be (assuming the battery(ies) were still in the camera.

The water could/would cause a shortcircuit and blow a chip or two.

You could try a claim on your house contents insurance???

My contents insurance is "all risks" and looking through the list it would be covered for me.

  De Marcus™ 14:38 19 Jun 2006

Try putting it into a warm airing cupboard for a few days.

You can always buy another one, that doesn't take washed out pictures ;-)

  SANTOS7 14:39 19 Jun 2006

Had an Canon AV1 some time ago managed to cover it in mushy peas took me a week to pick all the bits out.
Don't go mad with the drier a steady stream of warm air should get rid of any moisture and most of the components are non fereous exept for the battery terminals which may oxidise...

  woodchip 14:43 19 Jun 2006

First get as much water out as you can via the way it went in, through Memory slot etc then try Air drier on cool not Hot as you may do more damage. Only diamante as a last resort.

And Yes We all do it sometime's

  fitshase 15:08 19 Jun 2006

My old Nokia phone was washed in a pint of beer. It was then rinsed in the dishwasher (to get the beer out) and dried in the airing cupboard for 2 days.

Worked fine afterwards.

Stick to the suggestions from everyone above and you may be OK. Otherwise, claim from your house insurance.


  Legolas 15:15 19 Jun 2006

Having thought about it it is not perhaps the water that could be the problem but the washing up powder it could clog up the insides although I dont think there are many moving parts.

  SANTOS7 15:22 19 Jun 2006

In for a penny mate, whack it in a rinse cycle, try all the above...
Who uses powder these days anyway get some of them ball things much more camera friendly...

  Legolas 15:24 19 Jun 2006


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