Help with V5 windows update removal!!!

  Gaz 25 03:02 09 Apr 2004

I somehow came accross V5 of windows update.

I downloaded the active X, and now when i go to click here it goes to

And this tray icon pops up asking to install BETA updates, some which I cannot untick?

How can I remove the thing without a system restore?

Ghrrrr. It wont uninstall, it also repalces the AU in XP.

  Gaz 25 03:24 09 Apr 2004

Nope, I havent.

  Gaz 25 03:26 09 Apr 2004

Ones the BITS transfer service, cannot unitck. Downloads, and installs but fails.

And it repeats this.

I just want the standrad XP one back.

MS have no instructions, and I cannot do sys restore as it messes some Office updates up.

AGHH, I dont even know how it got here.

  powerless 09:29 09 Apr 2004

It's a test version you got, tried it myself impressed.

But i used drive image to revert.

Look in: C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

Right click and look for v5 in the properties.

  Gaz 25 12:37 09 Apr 2004

Yeah, but V5 changes a lot of system files and wont allow me to remove them.

Also.... Now there are NO classes in the C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files for the V5, I deleted them.

Strange enough... V5 and V4 websites still work? Dont even ask to download another Class?

Help, im thinking about a reformat here.

I didnt even choose to install V5, im not quite sure how it got on. I went to click here and I get sent to a V5. Thats it. Odd.

  Gaz 25 12:49 09 Apr 2004

I am using the Gericom laptop, whats the recovery like on it?

I want it JUST as it was when I taken it out of the box, as it was all configured, set-up and latest drivers were installed for me.

Dont say I will have to do that myself now?

Or will the recovery be back to how it was? All programs and latest drivers?

Though I do think this was done at the factory to test the laptop. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

I HATE windows update.

  Gaz 25 12:52 09 Apr 2004

I have used sys restore to get the old aupdate back, but it may not work.

Another thing is that now because of system restore, my Office says it needs updating on the website, but it already has them installed, and fails.... And because I havnt installed 1b SR it wont let me download the latest.

Im in a tisy, and I dont like recovery in case the laptop has been set-up and optimised as a way of testing it at the factory... I just wasnt it back how it was.

Sorry for these posts, but im not happy... :-(((

  Gaz 25 22:05 13 Apr 2004

Anymore ideas?

I have contacted microsoft, no go... They wont help me.

Hows the Gericom recovery CD? Please see my other post: click here

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