help using D-Links 604+ woreless modem/router

  wobblymike 23:10 27 Mar 2006

I have purchased the above router/modem and installed it in a friends system - I have set it up and connected to the net via her AOL conection.
However I can only access certain sites - e.g. I can't access ebay, AOL but can access bbc news, e buyer etc. All the advice I have been given points to lowering the MTU rate to 1400 however I do not seem to be able to do this with this router/modem Any advice on how to overcome gratefully received.

  milly54 07:14 28 Mar 2006

When you change settings in the 604, clicking the "apply" button doesn't complete the task, you need to save the settings then restart the unit.


BTW my MTU MRU is set at 1458

Hope this helps.......

  wobblymike 07:17 28 Mar 2006

thanks can you tell me how you acessed your MTU setting?

  milly54 18:50 28 Mar 2006

Don't know if you've got this far but you need to login to the router using click here in a web browser.
Login=admin password=admin.
Then click on setup/connection0
Wait a few seconds and the stuff you're looking for should appear here.
When you've changed what you want, click apply.
Goto tools/system commands/save all
then click restart.

The above assumes the router is at default settings.......

Good luck

  wobblymike 20:57 28 Mar 2006

For anyone whome this might help

I have managed to fix this problem here's the info
I installed the tower and d link router and set it up as normal - found I couldn't access certain sites, e bay, aol, lloyds bank etc but could access others. Investigation established that for aol, MTU setting in the router must be set to 1400 - problem was I couldn't find a way of altering it in the router configuration.
Call to AOL helpline they say aol silver does not support home networking and aol do not support d link routers - I regard this with some scepticism - call to d link helpdesk they say cannot be done and to download firmware update - more scepticism. Question - if you can't set it in the router how can you set it in the PC - eventually via some forums found a downloadable program called Dr TCP - download it extract it and run it and you can set the MTU setting for the PC - apply it save and exit. Problem cured can now access all websites no problem. Repeated exercise for wireless laptop that now works perfectly with access to all websites. So much for aol helpdesk and so much for d link helpdesk.
Posted in the hope that it will help someone now or in the future.

  ade.h 21:06 28 Mar 2006


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