HELP!! User a/c lost

  herbert123 12:32 05 Jan 2009

My niece has added a user a/c to my pc. This now appears as the ONLY user a/c and has Administrator level.

How can I get my original a/c back with all my settings/folders/favourites?

  johndrew 14:36 05 Jan 2009

If you have a backup of your system you can use that, but obviously some later data will not be available. Or you may be able to use System Restore to the point before the changes were made.

I would also suggest an account for your niece which has limited privileges.

  lotvic 18:57 05 Jan 2009

Well I was going to try to help but now,

I have every sympathy with you. I have a 6 year old grandson who has altered the user accounts on my spare pc. and my account has disappeared and I now have to log on as either a 6 year old or a 4 year old User.

I have just discovered this.
I have no idea what/how he has done it, except that is the pc that I used when I was trying to help with this thread Change name click here

He has apparently achieved what I had failed to do and changed the name of the Documents folder.

I am now left wondering if he just changed the name and picture and altered my desktop or if he deleted my account altogether and am thankful that I do not allow them on this pc (Phew)

  canarieslover 19:23 05 Jan 2009

Try information on this forum.
click here

  lotvic 20:04 05 Jan 2009

thanks canarieslover that link will help me also.

have you got any further yet?
Check this path and see if your Documents named folder is still there
rightclick My Computer > Explore >
click on Local Disk (C:) in the left pane
click on Documents and Settings in the left pane

is your named folder now displayed in the Rightside Pane?

if so then it means that your neice has just changed the user name to hers and has not deleted your user account.

Unless you were using the built in Administrator Account as yours (no no don't, as per info canarieslover's link) in which case it has just disappeared from the login screen at startup.

I have been sorting my spare pc and have found the little (6 year old) tinker has only changed the name and picture on my user account - (big sigh of relief) and as an added bonus has installed some extra games :))

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