Help, usb error!!

  edris808 00:58 18 Sep 2011

hi, my usb isnt working how it's supposed to, see, i use my usb for my 360 and all my saved data and everything is on that. now my usb is being read as pram 2164 or somthing along those lines. i can't format and it says that on my pc when i plug it in, on my coomputer, it won't let me open it and it says it has zero mb on everything, it doesn't even show up on my 360. please help!!

  gengiscant 09:32 18 Sep 2011

Your USB what? I am assuming it is an external hard-drive. Am I correct? Also there is no point in not putting the correct error message in your post and not put "something like that"instead. The more information we have the easier it will be to help.

I have just Googled your "pram 2164" error and I get pages of baby carriages. Would you like to post again, this time with a little more care and a bit more detail.

  edris808 13:59 18 Sep 2011

instead of it sayin verbatim store n go, it says 2261 PRAM usb Device. it says the capacity and everything is 0mb and i cant format or even open my usb to check my files. i really need help. it's an 8gb that i bought for around 30 and im not gonna spend another 30. i really need this fixed.

  gengiscant 14:48 18 Sep 2011

Refresh USB Ports In device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB, reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware. Your equipment should now be recognised.

You can open Device Manager by double-clicking on the System icon in Control Panel, choosing the Hardware tab, and clicking Device Manager.

  edris808 15:47 18 Sep 2011

still didnt work

  Terry Brown 16:10 18 Sep 2011

To check the USB drive , do the following:

Open my Computer to show drive Right click on affected drive Select properties Select Hardware Reselect drive affected Select Volume Select Populate

This will show you the state of your USB drive.

It is not unknown for USB drives to develop a fault, however if after populating the drive, you stil get zero, do the following.


In the top box type in Disk

Select Disk Management (normally bottom (On XP systems)

Follow disk management to show drive affected and reformat drive.


  Terry Brown 16:30 18 Sep 2011

Done a bit of checking, and it seems that this thumb drive has a Password,have you accidently locked it, which would account for the reading you are getting.

If so, unless you have changed it, the password will the factory default, which will be on the paperwork when you received the drive. Terry

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