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  Josie2805 09:54 16 Jun 2006

I'm probably being stupid but site created in FP2003, trying to upload to, I think I've put in settings as given but it won't work. Says no htdocs folder, so I ok to create, but then it comes up something about no server and port 21. Can someone help by pointing me in the right direction because I haven't a clue. Thanks

  ade.h 18:56 23 Jun 2006

Have you actually checked your server to see whether it has an htdocs folder?

  Josie2805 21:36 23 Jun 2006

Got some files uploaded, but when I tried to add to it, most of them showed as conflict. I think I will delete those already uploaded & start over again. Might have more of a clue what I'm doing this time - it's a steep curve. Thanks for your help.

  ade.h 22:24 23 Jun 2006

Didn't really answer my question. Check that your server structure is as you expect it to be - or as it should be.

BTW - don't forget that FP needs your full URL including the http prefix. Just a thought.

  Josie2805 08:25 24 Jun 2006

Yes there is a folder htdocs, downloaded ftpsurfer & used that. Everything seems to be working ok, will probably try via FP2003 when updating & see how it goes. Thanks.

  Josie2805 08:26 24 Jun 2006

Sorry forgot to tick resolved.

  Forum Editor 10:14 24 Jun 2006

it's far better to upload direct from the software, rather than transferring the files with a third-party FTP program.

FrontPage needs to create special files on the server if you are using some of its advanced features, and you'll find that everything works a lot better if you let FP do all the work. It usually works perfectly, and if you have any problems it's worth checking that you're giving FP the correct upload information.

Each time you upload, FP checks all the server files and compares them with the versions you have on your hard drive (you did publish to your hard drive before you tried to upload to the server, didn't you?). If there are differences, FP will tell you about them, so you can make absolutely sure that you aren't about to overwrite something important.

Try to get to grips with the FP uploader - it's extremely efficient, and will help to prevent a disaster, should you inadvertantly try to overwrite server files with older versions.

  Josie2805 12:05 24 Jun 2006

OK, thanks will go with your advice & persevere with FP. I have my site on my hard drive, open in FP & then clicking publish in file menu. FP then asks for username etc for server location & connects ok to remote location. When I click publish website many of the files are showing conflict. Would I be better deleting the files I have up and trying to get FP to publish them for me. Sorry to sound so stupid but this is a first time venture.

  Forum Editor 14:37 24 Jun 2006

isn't something to worry about - in this context it simply means that some of the server files are different. Usually this is because you've edited the site on your machine, so the server copy would be different.

FP marks the files that differ, so you'll know what's about to happen - the server copies will be overwritten with your hard drive copies. That's the way to work, publishing the hard drive copy to the server, instead of working directly on the server files. That way you should always have a hard drive copy of the site as it looks on the server, and if anything goes wrong on the server you will have an archive of the site.

  Josie2805 17:37 24 Jun 2006

Thank you for all your help, have got FP publishing my files ok now I know 'conflict' isn't something wrong. I can see how this will make maintenance much easier. Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 19:42 24 Jun 2006

I know how frustrating such things can be, and often it's tempting to find another way around a problem. In this case I think you'll be glad you persevered with FP - it's a powerful program, and capable of doing just about anything a web designer requires.

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