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  [email protected] 16:09 17 Jun 2003

Hi Guys. I just stumbled upon this section & it's soo cool. I couldn't find any uploading questions so I hope this hasn't been covered too much.

I've never uploaded a site before (through fear I think) which probably explains why my website has been on my harddrive for the past 3 years (& getting bigger every so often). I'm not sure which software to use, I've got something called WP-FTP? I'm also with Btopenworld, but I suppose It's all uploaded the same way?

I'd really like to practice first with one or two pages of rubbish. If all goes well, will I be able to delete this practice stuff afterwards & replace it with the real thing or is it stuck up there for good?

I just need to get over this hurdle :( I really enjoyed designing my site too(using just notepad with help from a tutoral at

Our town gets Broadband next month :) but I've resisted the urge to try & add anything with Flash etc.. My webby's nothing complicated & would perhaps be cruxified by the regulars here :)
But I guess I can ask for opinions to improve it later on once it's up

Cheers for any help

James Lardy

  soy 17:18 17 Jun 2003

Uploading files is very easy and the program you have is exellent for this job. I've been using WS_FTP a long time for many purposes.

Basically, the most important info you will need is your Host Name (address where all your files will go), your username and password.

click here for those details.

Enter these details into WS_FTP and you should be able to connect to your webspace.

WS_FTP window has 2 main panes. The Left side being your hardd rive and the right side is your webspace. On the left pane, navigate to the files you want to upload. Select those files and you can transfer them to your webspace via the small green arrows between the 2 panes. You can also download files from your webspace.

click here for a brief guide on how to upload using WS_FTP.

  anchor 19:49 17 Jun 2003

Here is another similar brief guide to WS_FTP

click here

  powertool 21:23 17 Jun 2003

from my early experience ....


make sure that all your image file names, and in fact all your file names are in lower case and don't use any odd characters like #. Although on your PC the pages and images show fine, when you upload them, if the images is called Pic.jpg instead of pic.jpg it may not show. I have found is better to stick to lower case all the time.

Someone explained to me that this is because UNIX servers are case sensitive.


make sure your opening page is called index.htm - sorry if this is insultingly obvious but I taught myself and somehow never learned this until I started to upload and got confused about why the site wasn't working properly!!!


less is more when it comes to images - they may look fab on the PC, but when you have to download them over a dial up, the time turns off visitors. most people would rather have simple images and fast page load times.



  [email protected] 02:10 18 Jun 2003

Hi guys.
Promise not to laugh?
Well I got WS FTP Lite up & running & have been looking at those sites you recommended. It doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it's because I changed my secondary email name over at BT & it said it might take 24 hours to come into effect.

I've managed to transfer my 8 files from my website folder (there's 7 small gif images & 1 file called 'index' - as recomended by Powertool above) to the other window pane which seems to have called itself '/pub' for some strange reason. Anyway I'll check my web address in 24hrs or so.

In the meantime, thanks for all your tips n links!

James Lardy

  [email protected] 01:21 19 Jun 2003

I checked my website address again this evening & it's all there...except for a few of the pictures :( No sure what I've done wrong. No capitals, no spaces, no wierd letters.

OH HANG ON. How could I miss it. (smacks head against desk) Spelt cosmic with a capitol C for the picture URL bit, THREE times in a row.

WORKS! Me happy

here's the webby address if you want a quick look, just a one page test remember before I put my real one up...which incidentally contains nothing about the Vectrex system :)

click here

James Lardy

  Forum Editor 19:50 19 Jun 2003

about this at all - it's an excellent beginning, and if you maintain this standard with the full version of your site you'll have something to be proud of.

Don't forget to post back with a url so we can see the results of your labours.

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