help! Uploaded the HTML pages but, gets nothing

  Leslie-212488 12:29 02 Dec 2007

Hi all, need your help, again.
like i said in the heading i used a ftp program to set up the server to mirror the structure i have on mypc. I uploaded all the pages to the public_html dir/folder. The index.html file shows up as one of the files in that folder.
i went into cpanel to double check that everything
was there, and it is. When i try to open the site in a web browser, i get nothing.
I also noticed that when i log into cpanel the server ip address shows up in the address bar followed by; /front end/x2/files/index.html
does that look right. What am i doing wrong

BTW the domain name is

  Forum Editor 12:52 02 Dec 2007

of the problem without a lot more information.

Try moving the index.html file out of the Public_html folder, into the root of your server space, and see what (if anything) happens. If nothing works, get back to the thread and tell us

1. Which software you used to create the site

2. Which web host you're using.

  Leslie-212488 13:35 02 Dec 2007

i am afraid i did not use a program, i did it the old fashion way.
The hosting company is Webhostingbuzz.
When i try to move index.html, the only options available to me are in the current folder, where public_html, tmp,www, resides.
I know i only uploaded the files this morning, but should they not be available there and then.
Question. the Public_html that's already, is that a folder or a directory? And is that where the index.html file resides, or, do i have to create a folder called public_html within public_html.

  Kemistri 14:07 02 Dec 2007

That will be a directory, I assume. I have the same thing on my ISP's freespace server, which recently changed the structure to require all files to be placed in a sub-directory rather than top level. No idea why; it was fine as it was. If were you, though, I might double-check with an e-mail to the service provider asking exactly what the structure should be; that is, if it does not explicitly tell you this in an FAQ or something.

  Eric10 14:16 02 Dec 2007

With my host the files have to be uploaded to the "www" folder. Try moving index.html into that folder and if you can then see it, move all the other files too.

  Forum Editor 15:14 02 Dec 2007

is a folder (directory) that resides in the root of your server space. Not all web hosts operate on that basis, but yours obviously does. Other hosts use a 'www' folder, and some don't create any folders at all - everything goes in the root.

In your case it's very important that everything goes into the root of public-html, the idex.html file must be there, and not in a sub-directory.

Is that the case with your website?

  Leslie-212488 15:14 02 Dec 2007

if i open www, the contens are the same as public_html. So in essence index.html is in the www. folder.
I think i am missing something, very simple, but just cant see it.

  Forum Editor 15:17 02 Dec 2007

is simply an alias for the public_html folder. Essentially they are one and the same thing.

  Leslie-212488 17:01 02 Dec 2007

are you saying that the public_html is a folder residing in the root of the server?
And therefore the index.html must be placed there, along with the rest of the website.
if that is so, then that where i have placed the index.html file for my website. Or, is it the root directory that is called public_html with a folder called public_html. If that is the case then my index.html is in the public_html folder, not the public_html directory.
Am i making any sence?

  mco 17:39 02 Dec 2007

public_html folder and public_html directory are the same thing? You shouldn't make a folder called public_html inside your directory called public_html. There should be nothing - and then you put your site's index.html page straight into that public_html that is already there.

  Leslie-212488 19:38 02 Dec 2007

the public_html was already there. i uploaded my index.html file there.
i have treble checked this and i don't know where the problem is.
Where do i go from here?

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