Help upgrading old laptop

  six-h 17:39 27 Apr 2009

Trying to upgrade my old Clevo D22ES.
Found the missing "A" key on ebay, have 2 x 512MB Kingston SoDimms en route, and now looking to expand the HDD capacity.
It currently has a 20GB drive, and the manual says,regarding upgrades : -
>>It can be taken out to accommodate other 2.5" >>IDE hard disk
>>drives with a height of 9.5/12.7 mm. The system >>supports DMA
>>mode 2 /PIO mode 4 / ATA-33/66/100 (Ultra DMA).

I've found this on ebay, click here which, if it is suitable, would also provide me with a home for the old drive.
Can anyone advise?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 27 Apr 2009

Any new drive will slow to the ATA 100 rate

brand new twice the size click here

  six-h 18:40 27 Apr 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\,
Don't understand your comment "Any new drive will slow to the ATA 100 rate"
I thought that bit at least matched my manual's specs. lol
It was the "DMA Mode 5" bit that made me think it might not be suitable, but then I've no idea on such things.

Should I be looking for such large drives as the one you suggest for a 6 year old lappy running a 2Ghz Celeron processor?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 27 Apr 2009

It will also slow to DMA mode 2.

When the laptop dies take the drive out put in a caddy and extract your data, format and use as external storage for any PC.

  six-h 19:07 27 Apr 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\, I'm trying to give ita new lease of life, not kill it!!
Where did that comment come from? lol

  six-h 22:35 27 Apr 2009

Missed that one well and truly!
Now I'm more confused than ever.
Don't even know what questions to ask!

  cream. 11:16 28 Apr 2009

The hard drive from ebay should be fine. It should run at the fastest speed your bios can work at e.g. ATA100 which will be in DMA mode.

Your only concern should be your present hard drive is just 20Gb and your bios just works to a 32Gb limit BUT because the laptop is not to old and runs at ATA100 it should see drives to 84Gb at least.

So the drive should be fine.

As to the caddy, pop your old hard drive out of the laptop. Transfer any thing over to the new drive in the laptop and then format the 20Gb drive to give you extra space and a backup.

  six-h 15:37 28 Apr 2009

Hello cream.
Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, the auction item ended yesterday at 19:15,
It seems that would indeed have been a bargain since it included the external case which I could have used to house the new drive whilst I cloned my existing drive onto it, then swapped them over.

Being totally clueless, is it an "either or" situation regarding DMA Mode 2 / PIO Mode 4?

If so, Fruitbat's comment regarding "slowing to DMA Mode 2" would suggest that it's currently using PIO Mode 4, which by implication is faster than DMA Mode 2.

Where did you get the BIOS limit figure from?
I'd really like to understand what governs the visible size, and since I've missed this auction item, I might be tempted to go for a 120GB disc, but suspect this might be a step too far for my old machine!

A further trap I've become aware of, is the alignment of the caddy fixing screws!
Seems this is fraught with opportunities to waste money! lol
Any guidance would be helpful.

  cream. 19:20 28 Apr 2009

ATA Mode 2 / PIO Mode 4? are essentially the same with a maximum transfer rate of 16.7 MB/ here Where DMA2 mode is better than PIO4 is that the hard drive by-passes the cpu and takes data from memory, hence DMA

click here

Then you get UDMA or Ultra DMA click here which should correlate with your ATA100 or UDMA 5.

So the old drive, via a caddy might run at ATA2 or a max of 16MB/s.

A new drive on ATA100 or UDMA 100 should have a maximum transfer rate of 100MB/s.

Remember these are just cache speeds and transfer of larger files will make the transfer rate slow down.

  six-h 20:21 28 Apr 2009

Thanks for those links, I'll have a good read at them!
Can I PM you?

  cream. 21:43 28 Apr 2009

Can I PM you?

Of course you can. :-)

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