Help With Upgrading My PC

  erkmatrix 16:02 29 Aug 2007

HiI wonder if someone could help me upgrade my machine to be super fast and be able to handle Photoshop CS2 and other programs that work with large files.

Currntly my PC, spec listed below that I bought last June from PC Specialist seems to be so slow when using big files in Photoshop and just want it to be super fast which I persume 2048 MB Ram would be. With files anything above 60cm by 60cm and 300dpi it really turns slow.

Is there anything I can buy new that would make my machine work much more faster. As a digital artist I need to cut out these long times it takes my pc to do anything with large files, sometimes upto 30 mins for stages in photoshop.


AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT X2 3800 2 x 512K L2 Cache (939 pin)
USB Options
Hard Drive
SATA II 250 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
DVD ROM/Combi Drive
CD/DVD Writer
16x+ 8x+ dual layer 40+ CD-RW
Graphics Card 1
NVidia Gforce 7600 GT
Sound Card

  citadel 16:12 29 Aug 2007

looks like you need a new pc with a quad core cpu and ddr2 memory.

  paul€ 16:17 29 Aug 2007

My Vista laptop can open and resize a 80cm X 60Cm 300dpi @191Mb in under 2 seconds in adobe photoshop.

It's only a 1.6Ghz pent with a 1gig of ram and on-board graphics.

What are your virtual memory settings as I think adobe relies nearly always on virtual memory.

Also right click task bar and select task manager. how many processes are you running and what is the cpu and memory usage under performance?

  HCOOH 16:18 29 Aug 2007

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You can do a benchmark read, write and latency test on your memory with Everest. Maybe there is a bottleneck somewhere, this may help to unclutter the system.
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  erkmatrix 17:19 29 Aug 2007

Hi my task manager says I'm running 65 processes but my CPU usage doesn't really rise much above 6 or 7%.

my virtual memory when opened up software from everest came out as

Physical Memory:
Total 2047 MB
Used 838 MB
Free 1209 MB
Utilization 41 %

Swap Space:
Total 3940 MB
Used 931 MB
Free 3008 MB
Utilization 24 %

Virtual Memory:
Total 5987 MB
Used 1769 MB
Free 4217 MB
Utilization 30 %

I did a benchmark report but not sure what I was looking at really to see if there was anything wrong. Anyone any ideas from the results I found.


  paul€ 17:43 29 Aug 2007

but 65 processes is alot. You are XP?

Cut it down by run - msconfig - startup.

Untick all except you AV and third party fire wall if you have one.

reboot and put a tick in the " don't show me this again" box.

What is free space you have left on your hard drive? Start - my computer - right click drive and properties.

When was the last time you defragged the drive.

You have just the one hard drive?

  wee eddie 18:10 29 Aug 2007

Are you trying to access any other items while the you are doing this?

2GB RAM is now regarded as a starter figure for Vista so maybe doubling that should help. I am not sure whether Photoshop CS2 would be able to take advantage of Quad Core Facilities.

What format are these files in .raw?

  erkmatrix 22:22 29 Aug 2007

Done that with the run - msconfig - startup

still shows up me using 60 processes, I don't know what half the stuff is.

Can't be hard drive space as I have 173 MB spare on my 250GB drive. Yes I'm using Windows XP so not Vista.

Nothing makes sense why its so slow.

The files are just tiff files and photoshop files as I say if the file size goes much above 60cm x 60cm it does everything at really slow pace.

I've done all people recommend for photoshop put it on an external drive set my scratch disk first to startup and second to the drive the software is on.

set my cache level to 2 and allocated photoshop 60 percent of the memory.

Anyone else think these should be different or anything else I should try.

Or do you think I'll have to buy a base unit from a firm and see about customizing some machine, maybe keeping some of the components from my now machine to make it not so expensive as the machine is only just over a year old. I'm really stuck as to what to do, just want a reasonably fast machine to handle big files, I would of thought this one should. Could it be my motherboard is useless?


  umbongo(uk) 22:56 29 Aug 2007

you using aol browser by any chance

also you should be flying along
10 way to speed up xp
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  norman47 23:00 29 Aug 2007

You just have 173Mb of available hard drive spare. Thats your problem.

Are you sure it's 173Mb and not 173Gb?

  wee eddie 23:03 29 Aug 2007

How does this rack up in MB's as a file size.

In my book "cm" stands for centimeter.

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