Help to uninstall Zone Alarm 5

  prykie 11:28 15 Jun 2004

I have to uninstall ZA5 as it is stopping my NAV from scanning emails. I have the instructions but cannot find "the load on boot" option when I open ZA. Can someome tell me where to look?

Also I don't know where to look for my "windows temp folder".

  MAJ 11:51 15 Jun 2004

I would just uninstall ZA from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, prykie. But if you want it, the Load ZA at startup, option can be found by clicking on Overview > Preference tab and it's in the "General" section.

  prykie 12:41 15 Jun 2004

I am going to uninstall ZA5 but I cannot find how to install ZA 4.5 on the Zone Labs website?
Can you help? Thanks to all who have replied to me so far. Prykie

  prykie 12:42 15 Jun 2004

I am going to uninstall ZA5 but I cannot find how to install ZA 4.5 on the Zone Labs website?
Can you help? Thanks to all who have replied to me so far. Prykie

  mikef. 13:08 15 Jun 2004

VoG™ 'S link in your other thread directs you to the download page for 4.5 just click on 2nd click here under 4.5 Branch.

  bretsky 14:45 15 Jun 2004

Are you sure your email is not being scanned? click here

Because I have ZA v5 and my Nav2002 does not appear to show whether my email is being scanned in or out, have disabled ZA but still the same, this is since I did the Norton redirector update.

Can't phone them, product no longer supported.

Like to hear your comments.

bretsky ;0)

  prykie 15:12 15 Jun 2004

I think my email scanner progress indicator was still working after installing Norton re-director. Norton support (because I upgraded to NAV2004) say that even though email is not being scanned, as long as autoprotect is enabled then NAV will scan any email attachments for viruses. I assume viruses only come with the email attachment rather than the main text of the email?

  bretsky 17:58 16 Jun 2004

Well.....put it like this, I get a fair amount of email with and without attachments, and so far, so good. {Nav2002 up to date with virus defs}

Yes & no to the virus being in the attachment and text, thats why they say not to have the preview pane in oe enabled just in case there might be viruses in the body of text.

bretsky ;0)

  prima12 18:35 16 Jun 2004

Try this click here

  prykie 23:50 16 Jun 2004

bretsky - sounds like we have the same problem. I really don't know what to do next as I have uninstalled ZA5 and the Norton scanning tile still did not appear on sending email. So I have installed ZA4.5 now and hoping I don't pick up a virus.

Prima - thanks for the link to Zone Labs. I had not been able to find that page in the depths of their website so, as you see above, I have not followed those detailed instructions. Should I try uninstalling the ZA4.5 with them? They look horrendous so I may have to get help from my local Tekkie bloke.

  prykie 23:00 17 Jun 2004

I seem to have resolved the problem. I thought when I had uninstalled ZA5 and re-installed ZA4.5 the problem was still there. But by accident I found that if you drag the outlook express client email page to the left to expose the desktop a bit you can see the NAV2004 box pop up in the bottom right hand corner. In other words the scanning box was hidden behind the OE screens! I am not sure what happend to NAV2002 as the scanning box used to appear on top of the email screens in the middle.

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