help unable to install drivers from bt voyager105

  supersonic430 15:55 06 Aug 2005

please could anybody help......i have just received my broadband silver modem pack, and follow the cd to the letter regarding connecting up in the order the say, when i come to install the drivers as soon as the found new hardware wizard pops say's “a problem occured during hardware installation your new hardware might not work properly” It then lets you install drivers but another message at the end say's “there has been a problem and do i wish to cancel”. I have tried a couple of times and i get the same result.
I have also gone thru my computer>manage>computer managment>device manager and it come's up with the device is not configured correctly code 1

AOL help thru their 0870 3 20 20 20 is not much good when you get indian people who have a problem understanding you , and you understanding them, called 5 times but nobody could suggest anything except call my computer manufacture Dell

system is dell 4600
windows xp sp1
512 mb

200 gb hard drive

  Diodorus Siculus 16:00 06 Aug 2005 | About AOL | Help
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  Kenneth-266656 16:17 06 Aug 2005

Almost certainly an AOL problem. I installed the same modem but on btbroadband - no problem.

  Taff36 16:40 06 Aug 2005

When will companies realise that helplines based in India are a waste of time. Save them money but lose them customers all the time. I agree with Diodorus - remove the software in Add/Remove. Disconnect the modem and start again.

  woodchip 16:48 06 Aug 2005

Go int Device Manager, where you see the Yellow mark click update drivers, point it to the Folder on the CD that contains the drivers

  Diemmess 17:39 06 Aug 2005

Have just checked woodchip's advice because I know how aggresive the Autorun is on this installation disk.

Once the installation CD is running it gallops along autosizes the screen and so on. >>>>>>> Exit the installation,(it will return to normal) and then follow woodchip's advice (leaving the modem unconnected until asked.)

  wolfie3000 18:02 06 Aug 2005

My advice for what its worth is to follow the instructions to the letter i have just got aol silver and had no problem installing i followed the instructions to the letter.
On another note iv just been into aols live help and what a joke that was i think they are using foregneirs in there as well as there call centre as he made really bad spelling mistakes and the grammer was so bad i couldnt follow his intructions.
And i didnt get the problem resolved lol.

  Taff36 18:09 06 Aug 2005

Post it on a new subject and we`ll sort it for you!

  ton 21:10 06 Aug 2005

I had a problem once with this modem and AOL on a friends PC.

I managed to install the modem in safe mode but it then turned out that there was a problem with the line.

I would suggest that if you still have a problem to get the broadband side of the line checked.

I assume that you have got the filters in correctly.

  ashdav 11:12 07 Aug 2005

Do you have usb2 on you computer ?

  supersonic430 15:08 07 Aug 2005

Thanks for the solutions to my problem this is what I tried yesterday

Tried running in safe mode had the same problem

Tried going through computer management>device manager>found new device still problem that way ….no exclamanation marks or crosses

When I tried following the cd, we get to the point where it tells you to plug usb cable in
(I have usb2) up pops found new hardware, after this it says
“it say’s a problem occurred during hardware installation your new hardware might not work properly”

Modem fault?

The only thing i have not tried is downloading new drivers from AOL

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